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Step 1: Run old Blog Highlights and Enterprise News Bundle in parallel

Install the new Enterprise News Bundle from the Atlassian Marketplace. Don't uninstall the old Blog Highlights add-on yet. To migrate your configuration more easily , both add-ons can be installed at the same time until you have completed the migration.

It is not advisable however, to keep the old Blog Highlights add-on installed longer than necessary. Please uninstall it after the migration is complete.

Step 2: Switch to the new Cover Stories macro

Go to Manage add-ons in the administration panel and deactivate the following modules of the Blog Highlights add-on:

  • Cover Stories
  • Cover Stories Web Resources
  • Cover Stories Macrobrowser Resources
  • Social Feature Resources

After that, disable and then re-enable the Enterprise News Bundle add-on. 

Step 3: Switch to the new Corporate News Feed macro

The new Corporate News Feed macro replaces the Blog Highlights macro and the Update Wall macro when it was included in pages (and not on the dasboard).

Go to News Sections in the administration panel and copy your old News Channels configuration into it. Then replace the old Blog-Highlights macros on all pages with the new Corporate News Feed macro. Select your created news section in the macro configuration or define spaces to show blog posts from.

You can search for all pages containing the Blog Highlights or Update Wall macros by using the Confluence search and the search terms macroName:blog-highlights or macroName:update-wall (note the capital "N").

Step 4: Switch to the new Personal News Feed macro

If you have used the Update Wall macro on your dashboard, replace it with the new Personal News Feed macro. This new macro can now also be included in pages and always displays news from the spaces the user has subscribed to. In the macro configuration you can define space categories to filter the spaces that are available for subscription.

Step 5: Say goodbye to the old Blog Highlights add-on

Finally go to Manage add-ons in the administration panel and uninstall the old Blog Highlights add-on. Additionally deactivate and then re-activate the module news-teaser from the Enterprise News Bundle add-on. 

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