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2.5.2 Release Notes


Expanded search functions and additional notification options



  • Users are now able to
    • filter topics and spaces
    • search for hashtags and free text
    • set notification scheme in order to
      • get an e-mail for every new content posted in selected spaces or all spaces
      • get an e-mail once a day at a user-defined time with a summary of new content posted in selected spaces or all spaces
    • adjusted notifications for missing topics and user rights
    • adjusted error messages in general
    • unread microposts stay highlighted after replying to another micropost


    • fixed a bug which appeared after deleting a topic so the microblog got unusable
    • fixed an issue where not all restrictions for creating a micropost were considered
    • fixed a bug which occurred while creating and saving a micropost
    • fixed a bug that did not restrict the topic selection when writing a Micropost (Release 2.5.1)
    • fixed a bug that led to a rendering error for the global timeline (Release 2.5.2)


  • The last 500 microposts will be indicated - this may take some time. To see all microposts, the whole systems needs to be reindicated, which causes a downtime of Confluence.
  • During the first installation of the 2.x version, all existing microposts will be migrated to belong to default topics. This migration process may take quite some time. Please refer to the administration guide for more information.

    Also the macro "microblog" doesn't exist anymore. All its features are included in the macro "Microblog timeline".

2.5.2 Release Video


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