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Create an individual theme for your Confluence and Linchpin


Choose Linchpin Theme Plugin as your Site Theme

Make sure the linchpin Theme Plugin is selected in your configuration

As an admin, click on Confluence Administration > General configuration. Under LOOK AND FEEL click on Themes and then select the Linchpin Theme Plugin as your default site theme.

Easy and quick configuration

Linchpin theme configuration

Click on >Configure< to start editing your theme. The Linchpin theme configuration page gives you a good overview of all features you can modify by using this plugin. You will be given a range of options to klick on and open the respective menu in order to get a more detailed description and see all of your choices.


Pick a dashboard

You can choose between two different dashboard modes and adjust the width of the right column of the standard Confluence dashboard.


Click on the >Upload file< button and insert a logo of your choice. Then decide whether you want it to be placed on the far left or right side of your header. Furthermore, adjust the height of the header, pick a background color or upload a header background image and label your intranet.


Adapt your color

The main menu is positioned below your header and your settings in this section will not affect any other settings within Confluence. You can pick a specific color for your menu background which will have no impact on the look of your create-buttons.

Please note that this feature is only available if you have the Navigation Menu Editor installed.

Buttons can be individually configured. There are two different types of buttons: the create button which adds a page or a post and the primary buttons which are used for important actions in your intranet. Edit the button colors as well as the hover-color. In addition, you can adjust the global link color which will impact all major links.


Edit content elements

On top you find a selection of editable headlines concerning their color including the page headline. Despite the background , hover, and text color of the "back to top"-button you are also able to change the color of the various panels such as the information or warning panel.

Linchpin sidebar

Integrated sidebar

The Linchpin sidebar comes integrated with the LTP. You can pick between two different styles and your specific corporate color for the tab background, the icons, and the active tab icon. You will find the Linchpin sidebar on the far right side of your Confluence or Linchpin home page.

This section is concerned with the footer at the bottom of your Confluence or Linchpin. Adjust the colors of the background, footer headline, footer link, and footer text. You can also add up to four individual links which will be anchored in your footer.

Advanced Styling via Custom CSS & JavaScript

Room for more individualization

At this point you can place your own custom CSS and JavaScript to add more specific features to your theme. Please notice that you use this option on your own risk.

Create a space layout


Select the Space layouts configuration

The Linchpin Theme Plugin gives you the option to set and use different layouts for spaces within a single Confluence instance. (Available since Linchpin Theme Plugin v2.3.0)


Create and add new space layouts

Type in a name for your new space layout and add it to your list of existing space layouts.


Edit your space layouts

Click the "edit"-button on the right of your list of existing space layouts. Then click on an item to open the respective menu in order to get all available options, known from the global theme. Space layouts nearly provide you all features of the global theme, except for global dashboard settings and custom CSS/JS. If you need to use custom CSS/JS for a specific space, you can place it in the global theme custom CSS/JS an use the body data attribute as selector to add the code to a space.


Assign new space layouts to an existing space within your Confluence

Start browsing for existing spaces by typing in letters into the search mask. Adequate search results (spaces) will appear immediately. Pick the space you were looking for and assign the chosen space layout to the space. You can assign several spaces to a space layout.

Disable Space Layouts feature

In order to prevent creating/assigning space layouts or to improve performance of the Linchpin Theme Plugin, you can remove this feature by disabling the listed modules.

Additional Styling of Linchpin Apps

Get more out of your "Linchpin Theme Plugin" with Linchpin

In combination with our new "Linchpin Manager" add-on, Linchpin users are now able to style additional add-ons to get full control of there Theme.

Styling of Navigation Menu Editor

 Configure the drop-down & fly-out menus of the "Navigation Menu Editor" add-on right from your Linchpin Theme Plugin.

Styling cover stories of Enterprise News Bundle

Define the look & feel of the macro "cover stories" of the "Enterprise News Bundle"-add-on by pre-defining color sets for different news types. Defining color-sets for "title on color 1 & 2" make them available in the macro for frontend users.

Styling via space categories

Use space categories for category based css styling

 Using space categories will now generate an unique body class for each category that can be used for additional category based css styling.

Custom Landing Spaces

Define custom landing spaces for your users (Linchpin Manager required)

Set custom landing spaces for your users, based on the profile data. You can define priorized attributes and set matching values to create custom landings spaces in a batch run. This will disable the option for users to set their own landing spaces. After login, the user will directly be forwarded to his new landing space based on his profile data.

Linchpin Teaser

Define your Teaser Styles (Administrator only)

The Administrator can configure a preset of teaser styles, that can be used by users to create fancy text / image teasers. Set a name for your teaser, pick your colours for background and font. You can also create inverted teasers by using a border. It is possible to create up to ten teaser styles. Teaser that are marked as active will appear as style option in the Linchpin Teaser macro.

Use the Linchpin Teaser Macro

The Linchpin Teaser macro has several options:

  • Titel: The title of your teaser (mandatory)
  • URL: You can set a link destination for your teaser to for e.g. a Confluence page, a web page, or an image. Linking to a Confluence page, the macro sets a short url to avoid broken links, when the destination page was moved or renamed. The title of the linked Confluence page appears below the input field. Use the Checkbox to open the link in a new window tab. A linked teaser will show an arrow on the right.
  • Teaser Type: Choose from a set of predefined colors (created by the Administrator)
  • Image: Upload or link an image, that will appear above your title

To include more text (below the title), just insert the Macro and wright your text in the macro body

Linchpin Layout Box

Use the Linchpin Layout Box Macro

You can use the Layout Box Macro to arrange content on dashboards or pages. By using several nested layout box you can set columns or fancy content boxes.

The Linchpin Layout Box macro has several options:

  • Background color: Background color of the layout box
  • Text color: Text color of the layout box
  • Width: Width of the layout box.
  • Outer Spacing: Choose the outer margin of then layout box. You can use every standard css input e.g. 10px, 5px 25px, 10px 20px 30px 40px, auto.
  • Inner spacing: Choose the inner padding of then layout box. You can use every standard css input e.g. 10px, 5px 25px, 10px 20px 30px 40px.
  • Alignment of the box: You can set floats for every layout box. Several layout boxes in a wrapper layout box can appear as columns when all of them float left.
  • Use box as a wrapper: if your using floats you should use a wrapper layout box by setting this option.
  • CSS class: Set your own CSS classes that can be used in CSS to add additional styles like shadows, borders and so on.

Expert Search Configuration (Linchpin User Profiles & Linchpin Manager required)

How to configure search of the Linchpin User Profiles (search via Linchpin Sidebar)

You can configure the search range and result page of the Expert Search (Linchpin User Profile), for search queries submitted throught the Linchpin Sidebar.

Go to Linchpin Theme → configuration → Linchpin Sidebar → "configure "expert searchs parameter".

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