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2.15.3 Release Notes

Hotfix Release

Bug fixes

  • We don't reset users' site homepages anymore when our custom landing spaces feature isn't used.

2.15.0 Release Notes

Switch between two sidebar scrolling modes


  • You can choose a sidebar mode, either sticky or scrolling in the app administration area.

  • We've improved the display of the Layout Box macro on Linchpin Mobile.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed how the Linchpin Events Eventlist macro was being displayed.

  • Corrected a problem with empty color values in the teaser configuration.

  • Set a background color for the header on the dashboard to avoid overlapping text areas.

  • Fixed errors with old theme configuration files through exporting/importing them.

  • Made sure that the cursor stays in the correct position by editing the custom CSS and JavaScript.

  • Implemented a global link on the entire header so you can navigate quickly to the dashboard.

  • Fixed the play button in video teasers - it works now as expected.

  • Corrected how the hidden icons for help and notifications are displayed in the app administration area.

  • Updated the reset button for the theme configuration so that it sets all values to their defaults.

  • Made sure that deleting a configuration in the Custom Landing Spaces resets the homepage to the Confluence default.

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