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Feature Release

New Features:

  • We extended the footer configuration, you can now add a custom rich text footer column, change the order of the columns and show and hide any existing column including the default columns.
  • Linchpin Teaser macros can now have fixed height and width for all three teaser variants. 
  • Linchpin Teaser macros can now use anchor links.
  • Links from Linchpin Teaser macros will now be registered as incoming links on the targeted pages.


  • We changed the user interface to be gender neutral in the German version.


  • When a screen is too small and the menu consists of two lines instead of one, the second one lost its color. This is fixed now.
  • The preview of a Linchpin Teaser macro is displaying the correct background color now.
  • We added unique ids to links in the intranet tools section.
  • We fixed an issue in the Linchpin Sidebar that didn't show some contents on Confluence 8.

2.30.1 Patch release

  • We enabled a basic preview of the layout box macro. Nested macros can't be previewed.
  • We improved screenreader compatibility for the footer.
  • If Linchpin Theme is active, Confluence Custom HTML will now not be dismissed anymore. This allows for embedding tracking codes and the likes at the end of the body.
  • When used together with section and column macros, the Linchpin Teaser macro sometimes didn't work properly with images. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed the custom JS/CSS editor display if Confluence Source Editor is enabled.
  • We ensured compatibility of Linchpin Theme with Aura cards.
  • We fixed a misleading field label for the footer configuration.
  • We fixed a bug that produced unnecessary scroll bars when using nested Layout Box macros.
  • On pages with little content, the footer liked to float too high. We convinced it to stay at the bottom.

2.30.2 Patch release

  • In the footer, some special characters looked a bit wonky. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an error with content encoding that sometimes occurred.

2.30.3 Bugfix release

  • When using several Linchpin Teaser macros and giving them each a set height, they didn't display nicely.
  • Linchpin Teaser macros sometimes had an unnecessary scrollbar when viewed with Firefox.
  • In rare cases the Linchpin Teaser macro led to pages not loading correctly.
  • We fixed a faulty behaviour that occurred when using the anchor macro together with Linchpin Theme.
  • We fixed an incompatibility with an older version of the app "Page Reminder".

2.30.4 Confluence 8.x bugfix release

  • With Confluence 8.0 or later, the Linchpin Sidebar didn't show all entries for "Saved for later". It now does.
  • With Confluence 8.0 or later, the link "View more recently visited" in the Confluence quick search reloaded the page instead of opening the Linchpin Sidebar. It works correctly now.

2.30.5 Bugfix release

  • We fixed a bug that prevented news tiles in Cover Stories and News Hub to show configured text colors properly.

2.30.7 Bugfix release

  • After upgrading Confluence to a version not affected by the security vulnerability described in, the macro "menu with headline" stopped working. This release fixes this.
  • We added support for viewing the spaces macro in Linchpin Touch (when upgrading Linchpin Touch to version 1.9.1 or later).

2.30.8 Bugfix release

  • With Confluence 8.5.5 the "saved for later" overview broke. We made it work again.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented direct links to documents / attachments in a Linchpin Teaser.

2.30.9 Bugfix / Compatibility release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.8.
  • In Linchpin Sidebar, in some cases, broken dates were displayed in the "saved for later" sidebar module. We fixed that.

2.30.10 Compatibility release

  • We ensured compatibility with Confluence 8.8.

2.30.11 Bugfix release

  • When using an "Expand" macro within a Linchpin Teaser, text wouldn't be wrapped properly and broke the layout. This has been fixed.
  • We improved the saved for later view in the Linchpin Sidebar and introduced a dark feature to disable pagination.

2.30.12 Compatibility release

  • Some tooltips weren't working anymore with Confluence 8.8 and higher. We made them work again.

2.30.13 Security release

2.30.14 Bugfix release

  • We restricted access to our /space-categories REST endpoint to menu editors and admins.
  • User mentions were sometimes invisible in macro previews. This has been fixed.


Improvement and Bugfixes


  • We adjusted the intranet name element and hide the header, if it is not needed 
  • Added screen reader support for the "headline with menu" macro
  • Added screen reader support for the "action drawer" button


  • We fixed the doubled header in the Terms of Use apps' disclaimer view

2.29.1 Patch release

  • We ensured that the app is compatible with Confluence 8

2.29.2 Patch release

  • We fixed the behavior of flyout menus when used on smaller displays.
  • We called the "back to top" button back to work that was missing in certain combinations of Confluence and Linchpin versions.


Accessibility improvements

New feature:

  • We improved the ability to navigate by using the keyboard (using Tab + Enter). There are skip links to navigation and content, you can now navigate the menu, use a shortcut to open the right sidebar (Alt+S) and we refined which elements are tabbable. The prerequisite for this is Confluence 7.17 or later.


  • We removed very old code to migrate Custom Landing Spaces data from Linchpin User Profiles. Please migrate before updating if you haven't done so in the past five years.


  • We fixed the ability to remove links from menu entries.


Improvements and Bugfixes


  • Favorited content (saved for later) can now be sorted alphabetically.
  • Browser caching support (client must always revalidate, if eTag/LastModifiedDate has not changed, the server sends NOT_MODIFIED)
  • Improved accessibility (a11y) support
  • Use CSS custom properties
  • Introduce a cache for `labelManager.getTeamLabelsForSpace`
  • Frontend build optimizations and dependency updates


  • IE11 is no longer supported \o/


  • Fixed position of intranet name on 'terms of use' page
  • Fixed teaser macros linking to attachments not always showing updated attachments

2.27.2 Patch release

  • We fixed broken teaser macro configuration when colors are removed.
  • We fixed the handling of custom CSS so that the layout rules apply correctly again.

2.27.3 Bugfix release

  • Fixed handling of URL parameters in teaser macro
  • Menu background hover color can now be set to transparent
  • Fixed overlay UI in livesearch macro
  • Fixed UI bug of opacity in menu if set to 100 percent

2.27.4 Patch release

  • We fixed a potential XSS vulnerability in Custom Landing Spaces
  • Custom CSS now applies to edit mode again
  • The position of the "Create" button has been fixed for non-admin users
  • We added CDN (content delivery network) support for Confluence Data Center
  • Performance improvements


Improvements and Bugfixes

  • We tweaked our caching mechanisms to improve the performance.
  • We improved the accessibility of the navigation via tabs through the header into the content
  • We improved the Space Directory search
  • We fixed bugs in sidebar and theming
  • We have cleaned up a bit to improve compatibility and maintainability


Extended menu filtering

  • The filtering of menu items has been extended by space categories
  • Linchpin Theme is now compatible with Confluence 7.12

2.25.3 Security release

2.25.2 Bugfix & improvement release

  • We updated all icons and the logo to the new CD/CI of Linchpin
  • Improved stability of landing spaces when updating groups via SAML SSO
  • Fixed visibility issues of action menu when editing menu structure

2.25.1 Bugfix & improvement release

  • We increased the maximum number of different Linchpin Teaser colors from 10 to 15.
  • We have fixed an error loading the theme configuration when no site logo is set.
  • We fixed a rare issue saving the theme configuration when the logo image is faulty.
  • Small optical fix when configuring the navigation menu as non-admin menu editor.


Improvement release.



  • Improved performance by enabling browser caching and optimizing logo and header image.
  • Added live preview for Linchpin Enterprise News colors.
  • Added help text to 'Linchpin Teaser' macro body for better UX.


  • Fixed wrong cache behaviour after using wizard in Confluence >= 7.10.
  • 'Linchpin Teaser' macro browser will now show selected url again when editing the macro.
  • Fixed wrong color of labels in space theme config.
  • Fixed color of menu items in the 4th level.
  • Fixed height restrictions of the header background image.

2.24.1 Security release

2.24.2 Patch release

  • Improved CDN support and resource batching
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Atlassians Support Tools to fix broken healthchecks and support zip creation
  • Fixed security issue in headline macro
  • Security improvements in frontend code


Modern and easy logo upload, more customization for sidebar and teaser macro.


New features

  • Set the logo image of your system much more intuitively and easier than ever before.
  • Adapt the order of sidebar modules to your needs and increase the usage efficiency.
  • Color the teaser macro in neutral grey.


  • Fixed a bug that caused external links with a hash sign to be cut off.


  • Fixes the wrong font color on primary buttons, which incorrectly corresponded to the configured link color
  • Adds color support for an upcoming feature of Linchpin Events.


  • We talked to the Teaser macro and convinced it to only display its preview once.
  • When editing a page and searching for text, occurrences now reliably scroll into view.


  • We have ensured compatibility with Confluence 7.10.
    PLEASE NOTE: To prevent failing updates, please ensure that you have at least version 2.19.1 of Linchpin Theme installed. If not, first update to the latest possible app version for your current Confluence version (at least 2.19.1), and only after that update to this version.
  • The logo size input field won't jump to "10" anymore if you try to enter a number.


  • We have improved the display of teaser macros, so they are more useful on multi column dashboards.
  • We fixed UI issues in the theme configuration dialog.


Improvement release


New features

  • You can define the height of Linchpin Teaser macros.


  • You can now configure the Linchpin Teaser macro when Navitabs is installed (was broken in 2.22.0).
  • The Spaces macro of the Linchpin Space Directory now doesn't break column layouts in Internet Explorer 11 anymore.
  • Some other small optical bugfixes.


  • Fixed alignment of create button for users with no create permission in the current space.
  • Fixed teaser macro linking to internal pages.
  • Anonymous users should not be able to favor spaces via Linchpin Space Directory.
  • Fixed margin of layout box on dashboard.


  • You can now insert links into the "headline with menu" macro again, without "undefined" URLs.


Theme wizard, new sidebar contents, read-only mode compatibility and more.

New features

  • Theme wizard: Upload a logo, set a primary color and your theme is up and running.
  • New content modules for the Linchpin Sidebar: All updates stream, open Confluence tasks, open Jira issues.
  • New configuration for the Linchpin Sidebar so you can decide which content modules to show and which to hide.
  • The Linchpin Theme is now compatible with the read-only mode in Confluence Data Center.
  • Added compatibility with "Aura" app.


  • Background images for the login screen are now rendered correctly in all browsers.
  • Pages don't jump awkwardly up and down anymore when there's not a lot of content, instead they scroll smoothly. Gosh, that bug was annoying!
  • Took the login button for anonymous users from the middle of the menu and put it back where it belongs.


  • The Spaces macro no longer breaks the Cover Stories macro when used on the same page.
  • The Spaces macro also is responsive now so it doesn’t break in narrow columns.
  • We brought back the search within the „Saved for later“ tab of the Linchpin Sidebar in Confluence 7 and later.
  • User mentions in the page history and edit mode are now colored correctly.
  • Empty categories in a menu will now be hidden.
  • The sidebar buttons were in the way on some space admin pages, they no longer are.
  • When exporting a page as PDF, images of image teasers are now included in the document.
  • When using the new Confluence search sidebar there no longer is a dead link.



  • We modernized our default Linchpin Theme Header image.
  • We prepared the Linchpin Theme for the people directory improvements that will be included in the upcoming Linchpin User Profiles 2.21.



  • When using the Theme Wizard, you will now be asked for confirmation, just to be double sure you don't overwrite your carefully designed theme. In addition, the header background image won't be overwritten anymore.



  • Resetting the theme to the default one now works correctly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Sidebar icons are now displayed correctly on systems that are available at multiple URLs (e.g. http and https).
  • In the theme configuration, it's now easier to see whether the configuration is active or not. It's also easier to activate the configuration now.
  • We fixed some UI issues in the sidebar.



  • There have been small issues in the sidebar regarding icons and tooltips in some environments. These have been fixed.



  • We added support for internal links with query parameters in Navigation Menus.



  • You can now set a maximum dashboard width.
  • We fixed the broken Panel macro display on the dashboard.
  • In the navigation menus, external links with multiple query parameters work again now.
  • In the space directory, the correct vCard is shown when hovering over the space creator.
  • Confluence group membership updates correctly update custom landing spaces now.
  • We now provide some more information about the recommended size for login screen background images.


This release gives you more control over the navigation menus.


New feature

  • Since version 2.19, the Linchpin Theme includes the Linchpin Navigation Menus. Now you can easily control if and in which cases the menu bar should be shown (this also applies for space schemes).


  • We improved several margins. Now your content has more horizontal space and header & footer elements have better alignments.
  • Icons from the right sidebar won't show up anymore on printed pages.
  • When you are mentioned on a page, this mention now will have the correct color.
  • Logo images on the login screen should not be cut off anymore.


  • Mentions of yourself were unreadable on the dashboard in version 2.20.0. We fixed that.
  • Deactivating the Linchpin Theme app no longer leads to the "Manage apps" screen being stuck.


  • Fixed a bug that broke tile layout on dashboards in combination with Linchpin Personalized Content 1.5.
  • Fixed several coloring issues, e.g. color inheritance in autocompletes, progress bars, menus and dialogs, based on the Linchpin Theme color configuration.


  • Fixed icons in Linchpin Teaser macro browser.


  • Sometimes, pop-ups were positioned way off, for example when mentioning someone. This has been corrected.
  • We clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
  • We also fixed some optical issues.


Internal Release



Create menus to provide structure for your intranet. This function was previously available as a standalone app (Linchpin Navigation Menus), but is now part of the Linchpin Theme app.


New features

  • Create a global custom menu in just a few simple steps. Drag & drop menu items to create multi-language menus for your users.
  • Make your navigation (or parts of it) public for anonymous Confluence users.

  • Permit non-admin Confluence users or user groups to edit the navigation structure.

  • Preview the menu and use filters to see how it will be shown to users.

  • Use live filters to configure the relevant parts of your navigation structure more clearly.

  • Display your navigation as a dropdown, multi-column flyout or extended flyout menu with up to 4 hierarchy levels.

  • Never lose old versions of your previously built menu structures thanks to the menu structure history.

  • Use wildcards to filter menu items for users or user groups more easily. Build even more complex filters with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).

  • Draft your menus:

    • Save and preview menu drafts without publishing them immediately.

    • See a warning message if there are unpublished draft versions of the menu created by another menu editor.

    • See published versions highlighted in the menu history.

  • Import and export menus.
  • Highlight the active menu item using CSS.


  • We improved the styling for the menu and for news macros. The configuration for the "my contacts" section in the Linchpin sidebar no longer requires Linchpin Manager.


  • Fixed a custom welcome message showing up at the wrong spot while Terms of Use is active.
  • Made avatars show up in the info overlays of the space directory when Confluence has a context path.


  • Compatibility release for Confluence 7.


  • Linchpin Theme used to replace the logo of the Confluence instance. Now, Linchpin Theme only replaces the logo if no other logo is configured.
  • We fixed a styling issue with the create button when a user has no create page permission for the current space.


  • When searching for spaces in the space directory, archived spaces that match the search criteria will now be found.
  • Footer links with special characters in their title have no longer the potential to corrupt the configuration.


We introduce a customizable login screen and improved support for Linchpin Mobile.


New features

  • Linchpin login screen
    Customize your login screen with a background picture and a welcome message.
  • Spaces macro
    Display a selection of spaces using the same filter types you can find in the space directory. You can also display multiple categories together or display a group of individually chosen spaces.
  • Support for Linchpin Mobile
    The teaser macro is now supported in Linchpin Mobile.


  • We fixed the "view mode" switch button in space directory that didn't appear on IE11 .
  • We removed the unnecessary titles of sidebar icon SVGs.
  • We put the LTP sidebar icons in their place, so they no longer poke through search and inline dialogs.
  • The kicker in news tiles (Cover Stories or News Hub within Linchpin Enterprise News) is correctly colored again.


  • We fixed an incompatibility with Linchpin Enterprise News 2.9.0 (and older). Your configured news tile colors really work now.


We completely rebuilt the right sidebar.


New features

  • We have completely rebuilt the sidebar. Now it feels much more like the one Atlassian integrated to Confluence 6.14. In addition to the favorite pages, the contacts (provided by Linchpin User Profiles) and the apps (provided by Linchpin Launchpad), we also integrated some activity data into the sidebar to make it even more valuable for you: the recently visited pages, the recently edited content and the recent spaces.
  • Please welcome the new macro "Headline with menu". Insert headings with a "..." menu to the right that contains any number of links.

Improvements & bugfixes

  • We fixed some visual bugs and removed the "Plugin" in the name. "Linchpin Theme Plugin" is "Linchpin Theme" now.


  • We fixed some header icons that broke when Confluence was run with a context path.


  • We fixed header icons that we broke on pages, blog posts and user profiles with the previous hotfix release.


  • On instances with more than 500 spaces you can now choose from all spaces if you want to assign space layouts. In previous versions only the first 500 spaces were available for selection. 


We would like to introduce the all new Space Directory.


New features

  • We have adapted the style of the Space Directory. Now it matches other Linchpin hubs like Launchpad, Microblogging and News Hub.
  • You can switch between a list and tile view now.
  • Find more information about a space without leaving the Space Directory.
  • Create space types to cluster different categories, so there's more structure within the Space Directory.
  • The default theme ships with a new color set.


Switch between two sidebar scrolling modes.


New features

  • You can choose a sidebar mode, either sticky or scrolling. You can find the settings in the app administration area.


Improvements & bugfixes

  • We've improved the display of the Layout Box macro on Linchpin Mobile.
  • We fixed how the Linchpin Events Eventlist macro was being displayed.

  • We corrected a problem with empty color values in the teaser configuration.

  • We set a background color for the header on the dashboard to avoid overlapping text areas.

  • Errors with old theme configuration files which appeared through exporting/importing them were fixed.

  • The cursor stays in the correct position when editing the custom CSS and JavaScript now.

  • We implemented a global link on the entire header so you can navigate quickly to the dashboard.

  • The play button in video teasers was fixed - it works as expected now.

  • We corrected how the hidden icons for help and notifications are displayed in the app administration area.

  • We updated the reset button for the theme configuration so that it sets all values to their defaults.

  • We made sure that deleting a configuration in the Custom Landing Spaces resets the homepage to the Confluence default.


  • Internal release


  • Internal release


  • We don't reset users' site homepages anymore when our custom landing spaces feature isn't used.


Experience the new sidebar and Confluence default space themes.


New features

  • We added an option to set an initial state (open or closed) for Linchpin sidebar.
  • Sidebar remains open or closed across all pages until a user toggles it.
  • We added an option to assign default Confluence theme to specific spaces.
  • We added a close button to the Linchpin sidebar.





  • We fixed the flickering of the image teaser on hover.
  • We fixed the missing Linchpin sidebar on blog pages.
  • We fixed wrong link colors on blog post & Confluence sidebar.


Style your dashboard with background images and tiled layouts.


New features

  • Show or hide the "create space" and "invite user" dashboard buttons.
  • Add a background image to your dashboard to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Use a tile layout to highlight dashboard macros with colored backgrounds.
  • Review the comprehensive audit log to check for app configuration errors.



  • Third-party apps can use the uploaded logo now. (For example: Include the logo in e-mails.)
  • The Linchpin sidebar has been given a minor design refresh.



  • We fixed the color of the quotation icon in the center news tiles.
  • We fixed the missing expert search headline in the Linchpin sidebar.


Call attention to important information with the new icon and image teaser.


New features

  • The teaser macro comes in two new variations: icon teaser and image teaser.
  • The Linchpin default theme appears in a new dark header and footer design.



  • UI improvements for Linchpin Enterprise News.
  • We renamed "Navigation Menu Editor" to "Linchpin Navigation Menus" inside the configuration.
  • We renamed "Enterprise News Bundle" to "Linchpin Enterprise News" inside the configuration.



  • The "recently worked on" page can be reached via the user menu now.
  • We fixed the reopening of the "recently worked on" pop-up when using the browser's back and forward buttons.


More flexible usage of Space Layouts based on Space Categories / Space Labels.


New features

  • We added an option to customize the global dashboard's background color.


Improvements & bugfixes

  • We improved the performance of Linchpin Theme.
  • We corrected the link to the footer configuration.


More flexible usage of Space Layouts based on Space Categories / Space Labels.


New features

  • Space Layouts can now be assigned to Space Categories / Space Labels.



  • We fixed smaller layout bugs regarding other Linchpin apps.


We added compatibility with Confluence 6.8 and included some bugfixes.


New features

  • Linchpin Theme is now compatible with Confluence 6.8.
  • The footer configuration(footer link list) has been reconfigured.
  • Linchpin Sidebar is provided as a web panel now.



  • Linchpin Theme is now compatible with Enterprise News Bundle's new "News Center".
  • We improved the alignment of header, content and footer on ".action"-pages.
  • We added a last modified header to improve caching.



  • We fixed the "User mentions broken in Confluence 6.8" bug.
  • We fixed the "Teaser border not displayed" bug.
  • We fixed the "Theme broken after deleting cache" bug.


Create fancy text/image teaser elements and modular box layouts. 



  • The "Linchpin Teaser" macro was added.
  • The "Linchpin Layout Box" macro was added.
  • We added an option for "Linchpin User Profiles" (former Custom User Profiles) search result configuration (for searches via Linchpin Sidebar).



  • We integrated a note/hint that Linchpin Theme is not activated. Furthermore, a "one click" activation link was added.



  • We fixed wrong link colors in Enterprise News Bundle's "News feed".
  • We fixed wrong drop-down hover colors in user profiles.


  • Internal release


  • Linchpin Theme is compatible with Confluence 6.7 now.
  • You can display configured headline colors in edit mode now.
  • We fixed the "LoginEvent Exception in Custom Landing Spaces" bug.
  • We fixed the "Missing global link color in edit-mode" bug.
  • We fixed the "Broken active user mention in edit-mode" bug.


Add more links to your footer and use CustomJS on your login screen.

New features 

  • The footer link list can now display up to 15 entries.
  • The file name of an export includes the exact time of export now.
  • CustomJS is now available for the login screen.



  • Headline styles are now available inside the editor.
  • We improved the error messages for image uploads.
  • The look of "App Center - Access Your External Tools" has improved.
  • Dashboard selection now includes explanatory icons.



  • We fixed the „Double border below header on dashboard" bug.
  • We fixed the „Login button not clickable on small screens" bug.
  • We fixed the "Login screen width too small to fit maximum logo size" bug.
  • We fixed the „Custom HMTL at the end of the "BODY“ not loading" bug.
  • We fixed some typos.


Introducing Custom Landing Spaces (Linchpin Manager App required).


New features

  • We introduce Custom Landings Spaces. Set landing spaces based on profile data (requires Linchpin Manager).
  • We added space category body classes.



  • Hide obsolete "recently worked on" link on the Linchpin dashboard.
  • Logo, header color and link color are now used in mobile view.


We added Confluence 6.5 compatibility and implemented some minor bugfixes.


New features

  • Linchpin Theme is compatible with Confluence 6.5 now.


  • We added links to the author of blog post's meta data.
  • We improved the look of long navigations on small screens.
  • We added a property key for „links“ in Linchpin's footer.
  • The Navigation Menu Editor has the correct background color now.
  • Padding errors for blog posts have been resolved.


  • The icon "Edit welcome message“ is clickable again.
  • Space Layouts are accessible for Confluence administrators again.
  • We fixed the bug where the header appeared on top of the Confluence header when scrolling (fixed with 7.2.5).
  • The „Back-to-top“ button is now configurable within space layouts.
  • We fixed some broken panels in Linchpin Touch.
  • We fixed an error in Linchpin Theme when using CustomCSS/JS on MS environments.


Get more out of your "Linchpin Theme Plugin" with Linchpin. In combination with our new "Linchpin Manager" add-on, customers are now able to style additional add-ons to get full control of their theme.


New features


Linchpin Theme is now Data Center compatible.


New features

  • We added Data Center compatibility.


  • We improved the compatibility with current versions of Enterprise News Bundle, Navigation Menu Editor and Microblogging Plugin for Confluence.
  • We fixed wrong behavior of the Linchpin sidebar when an inline-comment is used at the top of a page.


  • The "App Center" macro in the Linchpin sidebar is also available on profile pages now.
  • We fixed the „Back-to-top-button is displayed behind Enterprise News Bundle social media icons“ bug.
  • We fixed the „Wrong edit-button color on Custom User Profile pages“ bug.
  • We fixed the „Wrong icon color for mandatory apps in App Center" bug.
  • We fixed the „Linchpin sidebar is displayed in page-edit-mode with active Concurrent Editing" bug.


We introduce a new feature - Space Layouts.


New features

  • We added the "Space Layouts" feature.
  • We added compatibility with "Scroll Translations".



  • We repositioned the login button inside the header.
  • We added a scrollbar to the Linchpin sidebar for panes with long content. 



  • We fixed the "Wrong link hover color on dashboard sidebar" bug.
  • We fixed the "Enterprise News Bundle: Cover Stories link blocks Linchpin Sidebar function" bug.
  • We fixed the "Grey background on Standard confluence dashboard" bug.


Confluence 6.2 compatibility is now a thing. We also made several quality of life improvements.


New features

  • Linchpin Theme is compatible with Confluence 6.2 now.
  • We introduced a new Linchpin icon font.
  • A link for dashboard configuration was added. 
  • The Linchpin sidebar and the menu bar were removed from print CSS.



  • We changed the color of „@ signs" in current user mentions.
  • We integrated a border below the menu bar.



  • Some typos were fixed.


This release focuses on improvements and bugfixes.

Optical improvements

  • We adjusted the link color inside the activity stream.
  • Margins in space-index and user-index were adjusted.
  • Panel macros were optimized.
  • We adjusted the color of inactive primary buttons.
  • We adjusted the look of initial log-in process.
  • Wrong font in microblog editor / blog posts has been fixed.
  • Defective hover link color for the "watching" function was fixed.
  • We adjusted margins and colors for the team calendar plugin.
  • We corrected the link color of the "expand" macro.
  • The link color of headlines was corrected.
  • We corrected the defective look of the Enterprise News Bundle's "Save" button.


  • We resolved a display error in the "Welcoming wizard".
  • We resolved the defective look of the AppCenter.
  • We resolved the "log-in button not shown to anonymous user" error.
  • We resolved the "defective sidebar by content formatting for Confluence plugin" error.
  • We resolved the "theme configuration is shown to non-sys-admins" error.
  • We resolved the "page tree dialogue in Confluence sidebar exceeds screen" error.


The Linchpin Theme Plugin is compatible with Confluence 6.0.x now.


New features 

  • We added Confluence 6.0.x compatibility.



  • We improved the plugin's caching system.
  • Minor optical improvements have been added.



  • We fixed the "Broken header when Confluence message is displayed" bug.
  • We fixed the "Incorrect color settings for Navigation Menu Editor-Plugin" bug.
  • We fixed the "Adding a new footer link deletes previous entries" bug.


  • Confluence 6.1.x compatibility was added.
  • We improved the plugin's caching system again.
  • More minor optical improvements were added.
  • We fixed the header icons for restricted users groups.

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