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Remind users to fill their profiles and make suggestions for interesting content

Linchpin Assistant is a tool that comes with your Linchpin Manager. You can use it to set up dialogs that will be shown to your users. The goals for this can vary. For example, if you are using the personalization features of Linchpin and they rely on certain profile fields to be filled out, you'll want to remind your users. Also, a filled out profile helps employees to search for colleagues and to better connect with each other. For the future we also plan to offer a wider variety of reminders, recommendations and the like that all can be controlled via the Linchpin Assistant.

Linchpin Assistant is designed to work together with other Linchpin Apps. Linchpin User Profiles is one of those Apps. If you have Linchpin User Profiles version 2.13 or higher, your Linchpin Assistant can deliver a reminder to fill out profile fields. In a future version, Linchpin Enterprise News will bring a module for Linchpin Assistant as well: you will be able to announce new and important news channels to your users via a dialog and they can subscribe to those channels for their personal news subscriptions.

Access the Linchpin Assistant Configuration by clicking on Assistant Configuration in the left hand sidebar of your Confluence administration.

At this point, you can only set one type of message for your users, but there will be a wider selection in future versions along with the possibility to set up more than one.

Display options

Under Display options you can set a title and a descriptive text for your dialog.

Content configuration

The section Content configuration lets you define, what you want to remind or inform your users about. At this point, there are two options: a reminder for filling out profile fields and a notice to tell them about new news channels. As we add more possibilities, this section will show different options depending on the type of reminder or information you selected.

Profile fields reminder

You have to decide which profile fields you want to show here. You can select only one, several or all available fields. Also, you can use two columns, which comes in handy if you want to show a lot of fields.

News subscriptions

If there's a new space in your Confluence that publishes interesting news, you might want to point users to it so they can consider subscribing. This is what this option is about. Simply select the spaces you want to offer for subscription to new users.

Mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk in your selection as well as for the user. Users will not be able to postpone filling those out. For all other fields, they can click a "remind me later" option.

The fields will be shown in the order you enter them in the configuration.

For every user there will show up all the fields you have configured, even if one or several are already filled out. In the screenshot on the left you see, that this user has filled his Projects and the country field already. Of course, the user could change those here if they want to.

If the user fills out all of these fields, the reminder will not be shown again for this person. But as long as there is at least one empty field, it will keep returning.


As a next step, you have to define how frequently you want this Message to be shown to the user. Simply enter the number of days you want it to wait until it shows again.

Activate it!

If everything is configured to your liking, activate this notice. Otherwise, nothing will be shown to any user. This is to prevent showing reminders or information to users accidentally before you are finished configuring them. You can deactivate it at any time to prevent it from showing again.

If you make changes to the configuration later on, it will show in the new configuration as soon as the scheduled waiting time for a user is over.

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