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Insert the news feed on a page

This page describes how to insert a news feed containing news from spaces the user has subscribed to. Starting with version 2.2 you can display those news not only via the Personal News Feed macro, but also via the Cover Stories macro. Please refer to the page describing the Cover Stories for more information on how to do this.


To show your Personal News Feed on a page, simply insert the macro where you want to display it.

Please note: The contents of this Personal News Feed will always display the news the current user has subscribed to. If you look at a page that contains a Personal News Feed macro you'll probably see different news than your colleague, who looks at the same page.


Layouts for your Personal News Feed


There are two layout options for your news feed:

  • The default layout contains preview images, social features, a text excerpt, information about space, category, author and date.
  • The compact layout consists of a lean table containing the date, author, category and title of the news.

You can configure both of these layouts further: Decide which information you want to see and which you don't by checking the respective checkboxes.

Options for your Personal News Feed


  • Decide on the number of news you want to display initially. If there are more news available than the number you define here, the feed will offer a button to load more news. The sorting is chronologically, so new postings will be displayed on top.
  • If you want to links within a news item to open in a new window or tab, select the checkbox "New window/tab".

Save your configuration by clicking on the "Save" button.

News source configuration


You can subscribe to different news sources for your Personal News Feed. This is not done from the macro configuration but from the page your macro sits in. You'll find a button "Select News" at the bottom of your feed. Click it to select the spaces you want to read news from. It will only show you those spaces you are eligible to read. Just click on the icon to the right to select or deselect news from the respective space.

Set up a Personal News Feed with only certain spaces available to subscribe to


If you set up a dashboard or a dedicated news page, that you want others to use, you can offer them a Personal News Feed on that page, too. Simply insert the macro at the desired spot. Whenever someone visits the dashboard or news page, he or she will see his or her own Personal News Feed. That allows for a highly customizable news concept.

Users can select the spaces they want to read news from themselves from the frontend, without editing the page or macro. Of course they'll only be offered the spaces they have permission to read.

If your Confluence contains a lot of spaces however, and even more so if only some of them publish news at all, you might want to configure the Personal News Feed macro. You can set it to only offer those spaces for subscription that have one or several space categories applied. Simply type in the name of the relevant space category or categories. For example if all the spaces, that publish news at all, are labelled "news" as space category, you'd type in "news". Now when users want to pick their selection of spaces for the Personal News Feed, they'll be offered only those.

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