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Define a publish and/or expiry date


When you create a blog post, standard Confluence behaviour is to publish it instantly. Linchpin Enterprise News offers you an alternative: Simply define a publish date and time. The publish button will change to a schedule button. This way you can prepare several news in advance and let them be published automatically at the desired times. Before that date and time the news will be hidden for other users.

The expiry date works in a similar fashion. If you define an expiry date, your news will be visible for users until that date and time is reached. Afterwards, it will be hidden automatically.

Please note: News that haven't reached their publish date yet and news that are expired are not completely invisible. They are moved to a special space within your confluence which regular users have no access to.


View all scheduled news



To view all blog posts that have been scheduled for a future date and time, or to view all expired blog posts, switch to the blog post scheduling overview. You'll find it in the menu beneath your profile picture on the top right hand side of your Confluence.

Time zone support

Wherever there's a date or a date and time, Linchpin Enterprise News will show it to you in your time zone. To find out, in which time zone you are located, we look at the settings in your browser, which in turn takes the info from the settings on your computer.

There is a separate setting in your confluence user profile settings for the time zone. If this setting differs from the time zone you have set on your computer, we will ignore the Confluence setting and go with your computer setting. We do that, because we know from experience that most people don't even know about this Confluence setting, let alone set it to the correct value. We assume that most people will have the time set to the correct time zone on their computers though.

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