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1.1 Release Notes

Please welcome the new features to schedule and approve blog posts! 

New features:

  • You can schedule blog posts to be published at some point in the future (or backdate them).
  • You can schedule blog posts to expire at some point in the future.
  • You can define and view aggregated groups of web feeds (Atom / RSS).
  • Additional design option for Personal and Corporate News Feed macros for a compact appearance
  • As a space admin, you can define a group of editors that need to approve new blog posts in this space - they will be notified when a user creates a new blog post waiting for approval.
  • As a Confluence admin, you can see basic usage statistics about the Personal News Feed. 

Special note:

  • No unicorns were harmed while creating this plugin version.

1.1.1 Release Notes

New features:

  • The Corporate News Feed, Cover Stories and Web Feeds macros are now available for anonymous users.

1.1.2 Release Notes


  • The Corporate News Feed, Cover Stories and Web Feeds macros are now REALLY available for anonymous users.
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