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General concept 

In most cases users of a Confluence based intranet are named and logged in users. But there are some reasons to allow anonymous, not logged in users access to certain areas.

This page gives you an overview over how you can set up your news concept regarding anonymous users.  


In order to show anything at all for anonymous users, you have to to two things:

  1. Switch to your Confluence Configuration / Users & Security / Global Permissions. Edit the settings under Anonymous Access so that anonymous users are allowed to use confluence. 
  2. Switch to a space of which you want to show the news to anonymous users. In your space tools, switch to the Permissions page. Set the permissions for anonymous users to at least "View all". Now the contents of this space, including news, will be visible to users who are not logged in. They still won't see contents from other spaces. 

Delivering News for anonymous users

If anonymous users will be able to read news on your news pages, where you deliver them using one or more of Enterprise News Bundle's macros, depends on those macros' configurations. 

If they are configured to show those spaces you defined before as viewable by anonymous users, they will show up as usual. 

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