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1.13 Release Notes

Wider selection of profile fields plus extensive, customizable user search


  • Extended customizable user search, complete with customizable and filterable presentation of the search results. Allows for easily building customized searches: Expert Finder, Specific Contact Search, and many more.
  • Mark your favorite contacts for quick access to all important contact details
  • New profile field type „Dependent field“: Build flexible contents depending on another profile field, easily convert coded information into human readable text
  • New profile field type „Cascade select“: Lets you select multiple options from a complex set of any depth of levels. Easily import extensive select options via .csv or .xslx file.
  • New profile field type „Country select“: Let your users pick a country from a list.
  • Link profile categories to Confluence user groups to ensure that every user sees only relevant categories.
  • Import user data via XML
  • See user profiles on mobile devices.


  • Profile fields now retain their position within the profile categories after editing.
  • Users now can edit their profile fields while the LDAP synchronizaton is running.
  • A minor issue regarding saving profile data was fixed.


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