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Limited visibility

Extranet users have limited visibility

Extranet users are limited to their assigned extranet space(s) and can not share content outside of their space(s). In addition, extranet users can only interact with other extranet users (i.e. via search) who are assigned to the same extranet space.

Please notice, that people, who have created a page or left a comment, will be visible, when someone is using the @-mention function - even if they were not assigned to that specific extranet space.

The following functions are limited by the Space Privacy for Confluence: List of disabled functions

Using shared non-extranet spaces

Using a non-extranet space shared by users from different extranets (e.g. for general information) adds a new use case to the Space Privacy app.

This configuration has been supported since version 1.2.0.

Secured functions

Extranet users inside a non-extranet space can not share a page with users or groups outside their extranet space.

The "User List", "Popular Labels" and "Recently Used Labels" macros do not show sensible data.


  • We highly recommend that you make these types of internal shared spaces read-only to extranet users.
  • Make sure your internal users do not add customer specific mentions or content, as this may make them visible to other users.


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