Restrict visibility

Restrict visibility for extranet users for the following Confluence functions:

  • People directory
  • Mentions
  • Sharing
  • Quick search (prevent personal information and personal space content from appearing in search)
  • Full search
  • Selected Confluence macros
  • User profiles

User roles

When assigning a user or group to an extranet space, you must select a role that the user will perform within this space. Each role can have different permissions and you can define these as you need. You can also change the names of the roles.

Administrator roles

Define "Extranet Space Managers" who are allowed to manage the extranet space and to assign (and create) extranet users in an extranet space, or "Extranet User Managers", who are only allowed to manage extranet users, but do not have any other space administration permissions. Allow external users to become an Extranet User Manager, so they are able to administer their own extranet space, without any security concerns.

Internal groups

You an define internal groups whose members can always see themselves, whether they are assigned to extranet spaces or not. For example, your employees can continue to work together as usual. Internal groups are excluded from filtering by Space Privacy.

Create and convert extranet space

Create extranet spaces where users can only interact with other users when they are members of the same space. You can convert an already existing Confluence space to be an extranet space and an extranet space back to a standard Confluence space.

Assign users & groups

You can add existing users and groups to your extranet space. You can send newly added users a welcome message, letting them know they now have access to your extranet space.

Create user

You can create new users as Extranet Space Manager or Extranet User Manager within your current extranet space. You can also decide whether the user should be able to set their own password or if you preset his password.

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