What's new?

Version 2.3 - The easy administration release

Take a look at our all-new app administration

We have simplified the app administration with shortened explanations and reorganized configuration settings - every aspect of the app has now its own configuration tab. We have redesigned the directory check which helps the administrator to get the app working and, in the case the check was unsuccessful, tells you what needs to be done. 

Use default administration roles every time an extranet space is created

Previously, the default administration roles were set only when an administrator created the extranet space. With this version, your presets are used even when a user with "Create space" permission sets up an extranet space. This means less work for administrators. 

Set administration roles by converting a space

You can now define the administration roles when converting a space to an extranet space. There's no additional step needed.

Space Privacy is Data Center ready

Many customers have requested this, so we've made Space Privacy Data Center ready.


Duplicated entries within the administration roles when a user or group has been added multiple times has now been fixed.

Version 2.3.1

Space Privacy is now more robust towards user directory changes


  • Correct handling of deactivated users
  • Error on JIRA Authentication in activity stream
  • Correct filtering for mentions in the Microblogging for Confluence (3.4.10)

Version 2.3.2

We adjusted group visibilities for internal users


  • Internal users see more groups in non-extranet spaces
  • Default space permissions are removed on extranet creation
  • Performance improvements for the IndexLdapUsersJob
  • Fixed compatibility issues with newer Team Calendars versions

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