Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence

Data protection at user level


Known Issue: Long running upgrade / Plugin activation

Although we improved the performance, updating to version 1.3 or activating the plugin may take some time to synchronize with the internal Confluence groups, if you have a lot of extranet spaces, users or groups.

(warning) This can be fastened up for future updates if you uncheck the Synchronize users and group memberships on plugin updates or reactivation option.

Administration link moved

The Space Privacy configuration has been moved to Adminstration > Users & Security > Space Privacy

Release Notes


Add custom URL filters to secure third-party resources with sensitive user data

Release Notes


  • Add custom URL filters with username placeholder to secure urls of third party plugins containing sensitive user information
  • Prevent personal information and personal space content to appear in search


  • Extended search results for Restrictions and Share-Page Resources
  • Improved performance of extranet user mentions
  • Infinite paging in extranet users view
  • UI and text improvements


  • Fixed Profile Picture Macro activation after Space Privacy uninstall
  • Fixed problems with @Mentions for extranet users
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