Installation & licensing

The Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence is a type 2 app, please note Atlassian's installation information: 

Installation via the Universal Plugin Manager

  1. Sign on to your Confluence as an administrator
  2. Open the administration menu and select Atlassian Marketplace.  The "Search new add-ons" page will be displayed.
  3. Search for Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence in the Marketplace. The appropriate version of the app will be displayed in results.
  4. Click on Free Trial to install a trial version or click on Buy now to purchase a license for the Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence app. You will be asked to register at MyAtlassian. Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence will be downloaded and automatically installed.

Known Issue: Slow upgrade / app activation

Although we have improved the performance, when updating to version 2.2 or activating the app, it may take some time to synchronize with the internal Confluence groups if you have many extranet spaces, users or groups.

(warning) You can make this faster for future updates if you uncheck the Synchronize users and group memberships on plugin updates or reactivation option.

Re-index users

You must re-index users so that searching for email addresses works correctly. This is done during app installation if you haven't disabled the Activation Tasks, otherwise you can re-build the whole search index manually

Important information regarding the use of Space Privacy

  • Space Privacy requires certain user directory permissions. → See User Directory Configuration
  • Groups that are created with the Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence app should not be deleted.
  • Users have to exist in the system, before you can assign them to an extranet space
  • Not all macros are supported by Space Privacy → See "How Space Privacy works"
  • Some functions are disabled by Space Privacy → See "How Space Privacy works"

  • Space Privacy does not change the way how Confluence deals with user licences. Every user account needs a licence.

How Space Privacy works

Extranet users are limited to their assigned extranet space and can not see users or share content outside of that space. Extranet users can only interact with other extranet users (i.e. search, mention) if they are assigned to the same extranet space. Read the visibility guide for detailed information about "who can see who"

As user's information will be blocked or filtered for other extranet users, unless

This happens when a user

  • is assigned to at least one extranet space AND
  • is not a user or space manager in at least one extranet space AND
  • is not a Confluence administrator AND
  • shares the extranet space with the user they are trying to view or contact (see how to configure visibility)

The following extranet functions are controlled by Space Privacy for Confluence

  • Full search & quick search
  • Mentions
  • User directory
  • Accessing a user profile via the browser
  • Sharing function

The following functions and apps are disabled by Space Privacy for Confluence

  • Confluence Onboarding Plugin (Welcome Action)
  • Label summary

Supported apps:

  • Custom User Profiles
    • Individual User List
    • Individual User Search
  • Team Calendars (currently removed from search results)

List of all currently supported macros

  • Activity Stream
  • Blog Post
  • Content by label
  • Content by user
  • Contributors
  • Contributors Summary
  • Global Reports
  • Live Search
  • Network
  • Recently Updated Dashboard
  • Recently Updated
  • Task Report
  • User Profile
  • User list
  • Labels List
  • Popular Labels
  • Profile picture
  • Recently Used Labels
  • Related Labels
  • Search Results

If you want the Space Privacy app to support other third-party apps, we'd love to work with you on a sponsored development project. Alternatively you could create Custom Filters to meet your requirements. Feel free to contact us!

Dark Feature

No support

Dark Features are not part of our official support and represent beta features without any guarantee to work proplery on all systems.

To enable a dark feature simply call '<BASE-URL>/rest/extranet/latest/darkfeature/enable/<FEATURE-KEY>' in a browser.

To disable it '<BASE-URL>/rest/extranet/latest/darkfeature/disable/<FEATURE-KEY>'.

Max Result Filter

Feature Key: MaxResultFilter

As Confluence does not provide functions to restrict users, the mentions autocomplete does not get filter in any way and limits the search results to 10 by default. With Space Privacy it may happen, that the first 10 search results are hidden users and the result is therefore empty. By enabling this feature, the serach results are extended to 50. We faced some problems on some infrastructures, which lead in problems with mentions and user assignment. See User and Group autocomplete returns "404-Notfound"

Skip Postgres Workaround

Feature Key: SkipPostgresWorkaround

Should an upgrade of the plugin fail and produce logs like this...

Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: cached plan must not change result type might use a PSQL database with a certain bug, which can be tried to workaround by enabling or disabling this darkfeature. After executing the request you can try to install or upgrade the plugin again and administration screens should be accessible.


User and Group autocomplete returns "404 - Not found"

If you notice user and group autocomplete (e.g. @-mention, share page or add restriction) does not work, this might be your problem.

It may occur in

  • @-mentions
  • share page
  • add page restrictions
  • assign new users / groups to an extranet

Please check the following

1. Check the HTTP state

  1. Open the developer console in your browser
  2. Switch to the "network" tab (page reload needed)
  3. Open the user or group picker
  4. Check for a call which returns a 404 (should be a url like this: /rest/prototype/1/search.json?...)

2. Disable the max filter module

  1. Open the Plugin Manager (/plugins/servlet/upm), find the Space Privacy plugin in the list and unfold it
  2. Open modules
  3. Disable the following modules
    1. Max Results Servlet Filter (max-results-filter)
    2. Max Results Servlet Filter (max-results-filter-general)
  4. Check the page from 1.1 again and see if the autocomplete works

3. Server problem - quick test

If these tests solves your issue, then theres a problem with your server settings. Your Confluence instance is not allowed to send HTTP requests to itself. This can have many reasons - please contact your server administrator for a solution.

You may also check this by using curl from the server your instance is running.

curl -u <username>:<password> "<baseurl>/rest/prototype/1/search/user.json?query=<existinguser>&max-results=10"

Replace <username>, <password>, <baseurl> and <existinguser> with real values.

This request should return a valid answer (a json object).

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