//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of Atlassian's biggest partners. We resell their software and love doing so.

But we also happen to be the creators of Linchpin Intranet on top of Atlassian ConfluenceLinchpin features a native mobile app for Confluence server called Linchpin Mobile both for iOS and Android.

This page will help you to understand what the difference between Atlassian's official mobile app for Server and Linchpin Mobile is.

Non Functional Requirements
CriteriaConfluence Server Mobile AppLinchpin Mobile

CostFree with Confluence licenseBetween $10 and $9,240
More infoRelease informationProduct page
Feature Requirements - Server and Security
CriteriaConfluence Server Mobile AppLinchpin Mobile
Need for Confluence App installed?

(tick) Confluence Mobile & Confluence Inline Tasks

(bundled with Confluence Server)

(tick) Linchpin Mobile
Compatibility with Confluence ServerConfluence 6.8 and newerConfluence 5.10 and newer
Gateway server for secure connections(error)(tick) More about our secure gateway server
Possibility to customize app for customer(error)
Can go through VPN?


"If your Confluence site is not accessible on the public internet, users will need to connect their device to your network or virtual private network (VPN) in order to use the app.

We recommend providing your users with step-by-step instructions on how to connect to your VPN when you let them know the mobile app is available, as this is something Atlassian Support will not be able to help them with."


We run a secure gateway service for a seamless connection without the need to manually set up a VPN on any mobile device.

You can also manually connect and login as with the Atlassian app. But we believe that no one continuously does that and such apps are not frequently used. It's especially difficult for non-tech-savvy people.

Man in the middle attack safe?


Connections are secured by VPN for behind the firewall instances. SSL required at all times.


Linchpin Mobile establishes an end to end encryption between the app and the Confluence server so that no info can be retrieved by third parties.

No calling home?(tick)(tick)
Supports non SSL connections



Device registration and management(error)(tick)
Supports Mobile Device Management (MDM / EMM)?(error)


We support all common MDM solutions by providing suitable iOS and Android app files for this deployment option. Please contact us to find out more.

Feature Requirements - Mobile App
CriteriaConfluence Server Mobile AppLinchpin Mobile
Native app for Android
Minimum Android version4.4 and newer4.2 and newer
Native app for iOS
Minimum iOS versioniOS 11iOS 10
Manage multiple instances(error)(tick)
Display Corporate News(error)(tick)
Display Personal News(error)(tick)
View Microblog(error)(tick)
Create / Delete Microposts(error)(tick)
View rich profiles(error)(tick)
Search company directory(error)(tick)
Personalized Content(error)(tick)
@mentions to ping other users(Haken)(tick)
Macro rendering


(Only a very limited number of macros are compatible)


(Only a very limited number of macros are compatible - yet! For a list of supported macros please take a look over here)

Compatible with space privacy (Extranet use cases)(tick)(tick)
Easy and secure login with QR code(error)(tick)
Regular login with credentials in the app (URL, user, password)(tick)(tick)
View Confluence pages(tick)(tick)
Recently visited pages(tick)(tick)
Create new Confluence pages(tick)(error)
Edit Confluence pages(tick) (no @mentions, no macro editing, crashes sometimes, no links to other pages)


Watch Confluence pages(tick)


Favourite Confluence pages (Save for later)(Haken)(tick)
Share Confluence pages


(Short URL only)


(Short URL + E-Mail)

Comment pages & blogposts(tick)(tick)
Liking pages and blog posts(tick)(tick)
Support search parameters (AND, OR, NOT)(error)(tick)
Upload photos(error)(tick)
Upload files(error)


Access file attachments


(page included attachments only)


(page included attachments + attachment list + linked attachments)

Supports theming(error)


For more information please see http://seibert.biz/linchpinmobilebranding

Supports other languages than English(error)(tick) (German included, more planned)
Push notifications


(Shares, Mentions, Tasks, Comments, Likes)

But it does not work properly at all times:



Browse spaces and page tree(tick)


Manage devices of employees (revoke access for lost smartphones)(error)(tick)
Content available offline (bad connection / on plane)(error)


Mobile app in other languages(error)


(German and English so far, more languages planned)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the apps side by side?

Yes, Confluence Mobile and Linchpin Mobile can both be used at the same time.

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