Info regarding the //SEIBERT/MEDIA Customer Community

The primary goal of our customer community is the triology of exchange, collaboration and information.

We want to create a platform where customers can network beyond events and workshops and share challenges, best cases or general experiences. In addition, our product-specific roadmaps serve as a contact point for obtaining information on development plans and statuses. Integrated user tests allow us to better understand the requirements and wishes of our customers and to transfer these directly into product development. 

To make these goals possible, visibility is an essential aspect.

For collaboration and exchange to take place, you must be visible as a customer - you can see others and be seen yourself. Via your profile, you control (beyond the mandatory information) which information you want to disclose to the community about yourself, your product range or favorite topics.

If you have any questions on that matter, please feel free to contact us at any time at

Accept the term of use here

Legal requirement: Please consent to the processing of your data

Before you can gain access to the customer community, we are obliged to inform you about the privacy policy.
Please read the terms of use in detail before you agree to them by filling out the form on this page.

We hereby inform you that by submitting the form below, you consent to the storage of your personal data in our systems.

Of course, we handle your data carefully and sensitively. We at //SEBERT/MEDIA take data protection very seriously.

You can get more information here:

Please note that we cannot grant you access to our customer community without active consent. 

What data do we collect? 

The following data is collected for the use of the customer community: 

  • Mandatory information:
    • Name 
    • Email address
    • Company
  • Voluntary input from you:
    • Entries in your profile
    • Demographic data (age and occupation) 

The collected data will be sifted, processed and used by us for the activation of your access.

The name, your mail address and your company are visible via the profile for all persons involved in the customer community. Further data will be visible if you create it voluntarily. 

For how long and where is the data stored? 

We store the data in a data center located in Germany for as long as it is needed for active access to the customer community.

If you wish to revoke or deactivate your access, the data will be completely deleted from all systems.

How can I delete my data? 

You have the possibility to request the deletion of the data by emailing us at We would like to point out that in case of a revocation the participation in the customer community expires. 

Your further rights

You can, of course, assert all your further rights under the provisions of the data protection law. You can read more about your further rights here:

Accept the terms of use

Agree to the terms of use

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