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Atlassian Cloud or Data Center?

The difference between the two types of deployment lies in the technical infrastructure. Atlassian Data Center is a fail-safe, always reliable, and scalable on-premise solution. It gives you control over your own data and the latest enterprise features for your Atlassian applications. When you choose Atlassian Cloud, you get the benefits of a SaaS solution delivered by Atlassian, giving you the speed, flexibility, and up-to-the-minute performance you need to get the most out of your applications.

Pros and Cons


The innovative SaaS solution is hosted directly at Atlassian. This means immediate availability, improved productivity, and reduced administration costs. With the cloud as your deployment solution, you benefit from continuous availability and an application that is always up-to-date.


  • Flexible licensing model - no fixed user scales, therefore individual licenses must be purchased
  • Operation by Atlassian - allows concentration on pure use of Atlassian applications
  • Updates without downtimes - trouble-free work of all teams through constant access to current features
  • Innovative and simplified user interface - makes it easier for teams to use Atlassian applications
  • Low administrative effort - no need to maintain hardware and install updates


  • Limited user capacity -  this is currently limited to 10,000 users
  • Less control over data and infrastructure - no direct access to the database for admins, therefore no complete control over Atlassian applications
  • Fewer apps and extensions - currently not all apps and extensions for the cloud are available in Atlassian Marketplace.

Data Center

Atlassian's enterprise solution stands for high availability, scalability, and reliability. All applications are installed on multiple servers connected in parallel. Developed as an alternative to server installation, Atlassian is increasingly focusing on data centers as a future-proof on-premise solution.


  • Unlimited number of users - easily usable even with rapidly growing teams, departments, and branches
  • Full control over systems - unlimited access to data, applications, and infrastructure with great adaptability
  • High reliability and availability - no failures even under heavy loads, as requests are distributed across multiple servers


  • Self-directed updates - implementation of security patches and updates by admins within the company
  • Additional administrative effort - independent maintenance of the systems and operation of the applications
  • Independent set-up and setup of the hardware - Provision of hardware and infrastructure with own resources

Which solution is right for my company?

Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud is the right solution if your company wants to provide all teams with constant access to the latest version, but wants to keep the administrative effort as low as possible. With Atlassian Cloud, you can focus on using the applications while Atlassian hosts and operates the systems. You don't have to worry about updates either, they are automated and take place without downtime.

Data Center

Data Center is the right option for your company if your processes are business-critical. To find out how important high availability is for you, you should determine how many teams will be affected if your system crashes. Maximum performance with high-availability systems is guaranteed with Data Center through load balancing and optional extensions of parallel-connected servers.

Data Center is also the right solution if your company has an increased need for compliance and security. Data Center gives you maximum control by allowing you to integrate all applications in your own environment and manage all security measures independently.

An overview of all deployment options

When trying to decide between a data center or the cloud as your solution, you will need to consider a few things - from the number of users, the required system performance and availability, to the time and effort needed for its administration.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we will be happy to help you objectively assess your needs and advise you on the evaluation of an optimal licensing model for you.

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