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When an increase in user numbers slow down your system

Are Agile processes on the rise in your company? Do an increasing number of teams use applications like Confluence or Jira? Perhaps you've noticed that the performance of your systems has started to diminish. Especially during peak usage times, the system may have become noticeably slower. Systems that have slowed down have a negative effect on your teams' motivation. Instability and unexpected downtime can significantly reduce work productivity.

The solution:

With Atlassian Data Center & Confluence, you can gradually add nodes as needed. There is no downtime during this increase in capacity for your teams. This means you can maintain performance levels and your company is well-prepared for the future.

Questions you, as an organization, should be asking yourself:

  • How high is the current performance of Atlassian tools in your company?
  • How quickly is your organization growing?
  • How likely is it that your Atlassian systems will be used by a growing number of active users?

When updates lead to losses in productivity

Deploying system updates is time-consuming for your IT team. Plug-in compatibility and functionality has to be intensively tested. While this is being carried out, the productivity of your teams is limited because access to important content isn't possible. If many people in your organization rely on Atlassian products for their daily work, regular downtime can result in significant costs due to lost productivity

The solution:

Atlassian Data Center ensures high availability through a distributed infrastructure. Additional mechanisms such as the read-only mode for Confluence or updates without downtime for Jira further strengthen the stability and reliability of the systems.

Questions you, as an organization, should be asking yourself:

  • How much planned downtime does your company need per year due to updates?

  • What are the costs incurred by your company due to the planned downtime?
  • Are there additional costs that are incurred when your IT teams carry out the updates at night or on weekends?

When Atlassian tools are critical for your daily business

If your Atlassian systems are a business-critical foundation for your organization, it is important that they operate reliably and efficiently at all times. Your teams must have continuous access to your company's knowledge-base. It is essential to have a smoothly running system whether it's for your Management team or a public Instance with customer support. If work processes come to a stand still or vital content is lost due to a hardware failure, this can result in high costs. Business-critical processes require consistently secure access to systems at all times.

The solution:

With Atlassian Data Center, your applications run on multiple servers, parallel to one another. This ensures permanent access to your systems - even in the event of a hardware failure. Your work processes run uninterrupted and reliably around the clock.

Questions you, as an organization, should be asking yourself:

  • How many and which of your teams use systems like Confluence or Jira for their daily business?

  • Could you afford to incur costs when your system fails?
  • What would your hourly costs be?

When remote working leads to system overload

Almost every enterprise company has locations spread out around the world. Due to the regular retrieval of content from German servers, systems are quickly overloaded. Even running Jira processes and queries affect performance. This is a difficult situation for all teams, but it is especially critical for remote teams that may not have access to a fast Internet connection. In remote teams, productivity can therefore be reduced if large amounts of data need to be accessed. For example, simple Jira actions for employees on other continents can take up to four times longer. This has a major impact on their daily work.

The solution:

With Data Center, Atlassian offers an alternative to traditional server deployment. Data Center actively tackles such performance issues. Atlassian offers CDN support for all Data Center products. By integrating CDNs, you not only improve individual user experiences in organizations spread out around the world, you also improve overall system performance.

Questions you, as an organization, should be asking yourself:

  • What is the maximum load your system could tolerate?

  • What is the impact of having teams spread around the globe have on overall performance?
  • To what degree does your organization work on a global level? What are critical issues that occur because of that?

When the administrative demands increase

As your company grows, so do the demands on compliance standards and the management of tools and teams across departments, branches and subsidiaries. Now it's important that your system is optimized to ensure the highest levels of security, compliance and governance. The constant adaptation of your server environment to the increased requirements is becoming increasingly difficult for your IT department to implement and can cause considerable costs.

The solution:

Atlassian Data Center offers extensive options for adapting your systems to the increased administrative requirements. Secure authentication is guaranteed by the native integration of SAML and OpenID. Deployment automation and archiving capabilities also help you streamline administration while meeting compliance standards.

Questions you, as an organization, should be asking yourself:

  • To what extent are your admins involved in complex, administrative tasks?

  • How time-consuming is the maintenance of your current server instance?

  • Are you able to able to satisfactorily implement security and compliance requirements with your current system?

Make the switch from Atlassian Server to Data Center

Take the time for an evaluation but don't wait too long! The sooner you decide to change, the easier the switch will be. We will be able to advise you whether the change from the traditional server version to the data center version makes sense for your company.

Contact Us!

Do you have questions? We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner we have carried out thousands of Atlassian projects. We can assist during your evaluation process and see which model would work best for you. We will be there to answer any license-related questions and will support you should you need to scale your Atlassian products.

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