10 reasons for //SEIBERT/MEDIA

1. Strengths connect - many services perfectly combined 

It is our goal to be part of the elite full service agencies in the internet. We want offer the complete web process - beginning from strategy and conception, design, realization on the surface and in the backend up to service and online marketing. We also want to be the best of all agencies for the service during the whole process. 

2. Set up in a modular way

We want to deliver best services in all disciplines. We are proud that our managers are able to discuss with the luminaries in their domain in a relaxed atmosphere. We are not the best in the world. But we are close, and we are set up well for special jobs and can offer an attractive combination of competence and service. 

3. Attractiveness

Our hourly rates are average on the market. Our services however, are always above average. This is how we can offer an attractive price performance ratio.

4. Satisfaction

We believe in every employee and in every work result that leaves our house. No matter which division you are working with: you can expect first class quality and flawlessness of our services.

5. Trust

Trust is the basis of our business. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. Especially with complex services projects, questions and regulations often remain. You can also trust us when it gets busy and when you don't have time to look for alternatives. We don't do a lot of marketing in advance, but prefer to convince our customers with a trustworthy and honest relationship. 

6. Reliability

If we say monday, we mean monday. If we can't meet a deadline, we won't think of a strategy, but we will inform you immediately. We will take charge from the beginning and move the project forward together with you. You can rely on it.

7. Openness and Objectivity 

Are you tired of "Web 2.0" and "Internet Hype" talk? What counts in your business are results, numbers and good processes. You can optimize them with our help and the web. Forget about the buzzwords and let us help you improve your business.

8. Transparency

Get an insight into the workings of your business. You will be able to better steer when to best judge us. Of course we gladly assist you in all your tasks. However, you should always keep an eye on your budget. A good agency will also assist you in saving agency services, which can be created internally.

9. Strengt and Size

There are currently no ranking, which we consider to be serious and appropriate, to compare us with our competitors. That is why we don't participate in the existing rankings. If we did, in terms of turnover we would be among the top 100 multimedia agencies in Germany. As a matter of fact, you will find a strong partner in //SEIBERT/MEDIA to complete small and big projects.

10. No price buffers

While many agencies deal with big flat-rate packages and price buffers, our offers are always modular and granular. We want each step to be understandable and we want you to understand what we use our budget for. There is no "hot air" in our offers. We calculate our hours and multiply them with the hourly rates of our employees. That's it. No conditions, no minimum volume, and no buffers.

Reasons against //SEIBERT/MEDIA

We don't want to be the cheapest.

We are not chasing after each order. We rather miss a chance, than working in areas, where we can only achieve mediocre results.

You won't be rich with us overnight.

We have been working in the web environment for too long to believe, that the founders of Google, YouTube, and Facebook only just had the right idea at the right time. Who wants to achieve a lot, has to work hard. We are no magicians, that make the impossible possible. We work on the same basis as the other agencies.

We don't participate in your success.

We don't bet on the success of your projects. Of course we can judge, what might be especially successful. Many of our customers are extraordinarily successful. //SEIBERT/MEDIA follows a simple and clear business model. We offer services. The effort needs to be compensated. Not more, not less.

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