Since 2004, we have been hosting (in German) and (in English), our corporate blogs, and during that time, we've published more than 2,100 articles. Do you like jotting your professional thoughts down on paper or even do a little blogging yourself? Do you have that special writing style that pulls the readers in? If so, contact us now! You are invited to be a guest author on technical, organizational, and on your favorite business-oriented subjects. 

We believe that people are most successful in teams that are accompanied with the right software. If your topic has anything to do with collaboration, modern enterprise organization, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), software usage, or software development, then our blog is probably the right place for you.

Our requirements for guest blog articles

  • We'd be delighted to publish your original content, as in your own contribution and not reformulated third-party content.
  • You allow us to exclusively and indefinitely use your content. We are entitled to translate the content into other languages.
  • We would like to have specialized articles, not digital advertising brochures. If you develop a software product, a service, or a concept yourself, you can use that as an example, but please refrain from pitching your idea. You should write your guest articles with the goal of giving interested readers ideas worth thinking about. You do not have to worry about knowing as many specific keywords as possible for Google or other such SEO techniques. (Our editors reserve the right to make editorial changes to all guest articles.)
  • Your articles should be structured with subheadings and should contain 600 words or more. There's really no limit after hitting 600.
  • You get to decide how deep your articles delve into the topics you have chosen. Do not have any inhibitions! You are welcome to focus on a specialist audience group.
  • You can choose in which format you deliver your articles, e.g. as a Microsoft Office document, Google Docs, etc. (PDFs though, are inconvenient.) If you are comfortable with WordPress, we can create an account for you so that you can work directly in the system.
  • We can include licensed or your own images. For images with a CC license, please ensure they can be used commercially and indicate the source. YouTube videos that support your articles are also warmly welcome.
  • You must not link to websites that Google considers spammy (e.g. essay mill sites or online casinos) or include affiliate referral codes in links.
  • Do you have an avatar on associated with your email address? This is not a must, but highly recommended as our readers can match a face to your name.  

What we can offer: your benefits

You are named as the author

We are not looking for ghostwriters. You do not publish anonymously with us, but rather named as the author of your posts. We are also happy to include a short author biography within each article with further details about yourself, your company, links to your profiles, websites, etc. In addition, we can provide a summary page on our blog where we briefly introduce you and where your articles are automatically listed after you have published several posts. Take a look at our current examples:

Attention and recognition for your topic

Nothing is worse than publishing a really cool and convincing project or concept that nobody sees or acknowledges. You may believe that readers on the internet or within your company will automatically be drawn to your articles by themselves, noting the exceptional quality of your thoughts, ideas, concepts, and results. This is possible, but unlikely and at worst, negligent. We give you a platform from which to show your expertise in the topics of your choice.

Visibility as an expert to a wider audience

Our blog has over 30,000 visitors every month. In addition, your blog posts are sent out via our monthly newsletter (with 13,000+ recipients), and also published for our many followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on other social media platforms. Our internal colleagues will translate your articles into German so that they can also appear in our German language blogenabling you to tap into a growing international readership. 

Obtain new prospective customers

Our blog is not an advertising platform. But we purposefully invite service providers, consultants, and developers to write articles that complement our solutions or are even in direct competition with us. This shows our customers a wide variety of use cases and alternatives.


You can publicize your guest articles after they have been published on our blogs by using your own channels, providing you include a reference to the //SEIBERT/MEDIA blog as the original source.

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