Webinar with Wendell Keuneman from Atlassian about Confluence, the vision, the past and some industry trends. The webinar will be a video interview with Martin Seibert. We'll keep room for your questions.



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Tuesday, 21/02/2017 from 08:45am - 09:30am CET



Wendell Keuneman, Atlassian

Martin Seibert, //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Type of webinar INTERAcTIVe - Interactive webinars allow our visitors to strongly impact the progress and content of the webinar with questions and comments before and during the webinar. So, put on your 'collaboration-hat' and speak up, whenever you like.
Preparation Help us with our preparations by filling in our preliminary survey.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • News from Atlassian and the world of Confluence as Wendell sees it.
  • Commentary on industry trends and Atlassian's role
  • Chat about the difference of Atlassian Cloud and Server products and how Wendell suggests customers to choose.
  • Confluence Mobile App and its features and the vision for a mobile app for Confluence server
  • Linchpin as a Confluence-based Intranet and Atlassian's Wendell's opinion on that.
  • Presentation of Linchpin Touch to Wendell and his opinion
  • Presentation of Linchpin Mobile to Wendell and his opinion
  • Room for your questions

Who will be interested in this webinar

  • People interested in Atlassian Software and Confluence in specific.
  • Customers of Atlassian and users of Atlassian Confluence
  • Linchpin Intranet Partners
  • ...

For whom are our webinars?

Webinars are generally for people who work in companies with 100 or more employees, but often those in larger corporations can benefit. We also hold webinars for start-ups and freelancers. Participants are generally interested in topics such as collaboration, modern company structures, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), software-usage or software-development. Moderator and organizer Martin Seibert says he has no clue about software-development but he believes that even non-technical people can understand these webinars.

What does a webinar do for you?

We offer you the opportunity to get directly involved and interact by asking questions and leaving comments. Furthermore, our webinars always about concrete issues which we encounter with our customers in real life situations. With our webinars, we want to help you understand how to tackle and solve these problems. It important to us that you can act independently and solve the problems yourself. Of course, you may need experts for some solutions, but in our webinars we want to pass on useful knowledge that you can use. We do not sell single solutions or consultation services.

Are your webinars advertisements?

Our webinars are an attempt to strengthen trust in //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a company. We want to present solutions and help our prospective clients and customers to become smarter and better informed. We believe that this increased trust and engagement with our company is a fantastic advertisement. But in our webinars we also clearly, precisely and openly talk about weaknesses, problems and disadvantages - also with our own solutions.

It is important to us, that you receive valuable and high-quality information, which you can apply yourself. It's up to you what you decide to implement and act upon. There are no bait-offers and no traps. In this respect we believe we set ourselves apart from many other webinar providers.

Why shouldn't I just watch the video?

A few days (rarely weeks) after each webinar we add a video recording of the webinar to our YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/seibertmedia. These webinar recordings are freely available. We are often asked why someone shouldn't just wait for the video. It's an option, but registration has the following advantages:

  1. We keep you up-to-date, and let you know about everything regarding the topic. Since registration is free and non-binding, it is worth it, even if you cannot participate in the live event.
  2. As a participant, you can ask questions live, which we will see and answer. Interaction and receiving answers to your questions or advice specific to you is a big advantage and an integral part of our webinars.
  3. Our webinars dedicate a lot of effort and time to the interaction with our participants, and also rely on this interaction. This ensures that live participation is significantly more attractive than simple presentations.
  4. You'll get notifications from us, rather than, having to repeatedly check whether the recording is already available online.
Do I have to be there on time?

No, you can join at any time, take a break, or leave early. We don't notice if viewers or listeners do something else at the same time. In this sense, webinars are a bit like radio programs. You can have them running in the background listen carefully when you've heard something interesting.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you arrive a few minutes early, to be sure you have time to fix any technical issues (weak internet-connection, can't hear anything, ...) calmly. Especially if you haven't joined a previous webinar, a few minutes to test your system and optimize is well invested time.

Should I dial into the audio with a telephone or a computer?

You can dial into the webinar by calling a free-of-charge phone number. We suggest this option for areas where internet connections are not stable or fast enough, because it allows you to participate easily and fully use the available internet broadband for just the video.

With fast internet connections, the online connection with audio is simpler. In this case, you will need a sound-enabled computer and a successfully installed headset with a microphone.

Can I say or ask something as a participant?

Yes, please! Our webinars are interactive. Whoever attends when expecting a simple presentation generally won't get out of it as much as the active participants. You can send your remarks, objections, questions and gladly also criticism easily via the chat. We will then integrate your comments and questions into our discussions. It is also possible for you to actively take part in the discussion and actually speak with us. Best to let us know beforehand or enter your request for this in the chat during the webinar. We can facilitate your contribution in many cases, but we cannot guarantee it. Your active involvement is valued either way, and improves the experience of all taking part.

I would like to be a personal guest in your webinar. How would that work?

Participating as a guest is free. Just get in touch with us and let us know what topic you'd like to talk about. We believe that people who work in teams and with software achieve great success and want to share their experiences with others. If your topic has something to do with collaboration, modern company structure, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), software-usage or software-development, we'd most probably like to have you in our webinar-series.

If your topic fits with our audience, we ask you to prepare content for 10 to 20 minutes. Your webinar can be done as slides with audio, a software demonstration with screen-sharing, or a live video presentation. To participate you can either visit us in Wiesbaden or join us virtually.

Can I submit questions beforehand?

Yes, you can fill in a preliminary interview form. We will cover all questions when possible during the webinar and treat them as if they are spontaneously asked in the chat. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an answer to all questions.

If you cannot participate personally, please register and submit your question. Then you will receive a notification as soon as the video is available online.

Can I check whether my computer is suitable for the webinar beforehand?

Yes, all technical requirements can be checked via this free online tool. If you have never participated in one of our webinars with your specific hardware configuration, we recommend that you run this test.

I am in the webinar, but I cannot hear anything

The audio connection via dial-in is the most fail-proof option. If the webinar is already running and you can't hear anything, we recommend you call us via the dial-in number, if possible.

I can hear, but I cannot see the webinar content

If the connection worked at the beginning, your problem is likely an unstable or slow internet connection. You can test this by using a different connection (e.g. WLAN, mobile access).

How can I be a good webinar participant?

Be constructive: Does my activity, comments or questions help the presenter and other viewers?

Our webinars are interactive. Please use the chat to ask questions and get involved. Answering others' questions with links and your knowledge. Please help us make your webinar great for everyone.

Why do you actually offer these webinars?

In short: Image building, providing good and interesting content, and marketing.

We want to offer our customers the best and most useful information in an interactive way. Topics such as collaboration, modern company structures, Agile (Scrum, Kanban) and agile organizations, software-usage or software-development are all topics that are important to us.

Webinars an help us demonstrate our competence in these areas and to strengthen trust with our customers.

As a company we offer advanced services in many areas. There are no obligations for webinar participants, but everyone is welcome to contact us at any time.

Do I have to register beforehand? What are the advantages?

No, you can also participate without registering. Registered users receive information regarding the topic beforehand, webinar reminders and results afterwards (slides and video recordings, further resources). Registration does not make participation obligatory and is free of charge. We recommend that you register, even if you are only interested in the topic and a recording of the webinar.

What are the technical requirements for participation?

Generally, a modern browser and internet connection are sufficient. To listen, you need audio capabilities on your computer (e.g. speakers or headphones) or a telephone. If you want to participate as a personal guest, you'll need a webcam. You can test your system by following the instructions here. For personal guests, we will run a test together before the webinar.

Can I also participate in a webinar on the go?

Yes, common smart phones and tablets are supported with native AppsiPhone, iPad, and Android. 

I saw my name in the webinar recording. I don't want this.

The registration for a webinar is only stored internally. When you participate, you will also provide your first name, surname and email address. Your email address is not publicly visible. If you do not wish for your first and surname to appear, please use an abbreviation or a pseudonym.

Are there any other webinars and more topics?

Yes, we plan to run webinars more or less fortnightly. Generally, webinars are scheduled for every second Wednesdays at 10.15 am. Here is an overview of all our webinars. You can ask questions and provide feedback on our planned webinars: Let us know whether you think the topic is exciting or not so interesting.

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