Thousands of high-quality stock photos
for visually appealing Confluence pages with

Stock Images for Confluence

This app is currently in beta stage and can be tested free of charge.

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Easily access high-quality stock images

Conveniently access a wide variety of high-quality stock images directly from the editor to visually enhance your page content. No need to search for images on the web, download them, and laboriously embed them! Simply use the 'Stock image' macro to embed beautiful images from within seconds.

The right image at the right time

Find the right image for any content: Simply choose from our recommended categories or enter your own search term. In addition, you can define a preferred image orientation to match your specific content. For page headers, landscape-format images usually work well, while portrait-format images are better off in body text.

If you can't decide on an image at all, why not have a random one suggested - and get inspired by the results!

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