How to set default checklists per project and issue type in Didit - Checklists

You can set a default checklist per issue type in each Jira project. This allows you to automatically generate a new checklist from a template every time users create a certain issue type. This is a great way to ensure doers follow a certain order of steps to perform a task.

This is how you enable the app in different Jira projects

Any project automations that trigger on "Issue created," will override the default checklist settings. This is because automation acts after the issue is created.

1. Navigate to your project settings.

This can vary depending on your project type. The permission required to access these settings is "Administer Projects" in company-managed projects and the "Administrator" role in team-managed projects. The below screenshot is from a company-managed software project, the location of settings will also vary depending on business or software project types.

2. Choose "Checklist settings" in the left sidebar.

3. Choose a checklist template for each issue type in your project for which you would like to generate a new checklist each time a user creates an issue of that type.

4. When you create a new issue of the specified type, the checklist will appear automatically.

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This page was last edited on 04/02/2024.