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Redundant content in Confluence systems is a problem. It always leads to questions and uncertainty amongst users. Also, avoidable redundant content increases exponentially in larger companies.

But there is a solution: Duplicate Content Defender. It reduces uncertainty and duplicate work. To find potentially redundant content before creating a new page users don't have to use the Confluence search function. Instead, they are automatically shown an overview displaying which pages contain similar information. The user then can decide to expand the existing content or create a new page anyway.

Depending on the settings the add-on searches all or only specific spaces for similar content. It displays results after four characters of the new page title have been entered.


  • Displays up to seven similar pages with the option to see further results. The search includes the page content, as well as the page title. Search terms found in the title are bold.
  • With a click, users are shown an overlay of the resulting page and can directly edit this page, instead of creating a new page.
  • Users can choose to search in the current space, or all spaces.
  • Administrators can define whether the function is available in all or only selected spaces. Specific spaces can therefore be excluded from the search.
  • Administrators can also set the Duplicate Content Defender to search for potential redundant content in all spaces in which it is activated, or only in the user's current space. In the latter case, the user does not have the option to search across all spaces, only in their current space.


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This add-on license allows you to install and use the add-on in one Confluence instance and all its testing instances. The installation on further instances is prohibited. For the first 12 months after purchasing the license, you receive support and updates for this add-on free of charge. After that you can extend the support for another 12 months.

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Read the documentation and release notes for the Duplicate Content Defender add-on for Confluence: Documentation

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The add-on displays similar pages

You can view existing pages as previews

Administrators can customize the scope of the add-on

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