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With these apps, we want to take your Confluence Cloud experience to a new level, by enriching it with popular use cases that we have learned and explored over our many years of experience with the Linchpin Intranet Suite for Confluence DC/Server.

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New at the company? You just don't know the right contact for your concern? Looking for experts with certain skills? With our Contacts app, you will gain access to a brand new contact list, to find the right contacts in no time and with ease. Upload your own CSV files to include even more info than Confluence profiles provide and make sure that the data is always up-to-date.

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Language Manager

Searching the wiki for content that suits you might be easy, but do you know what’s easier? Having it instantly at hand. Access translations immediately, directly on the page you’re viewing, with just 2 clicks! Configure page links with ease and save time with our smart auto-linking feature.

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Navigation Menus

Have your most important links and tools always at hand. Create modern and personalized menus that can be enhanced with images. Not only will you easily customize your menus to match your corporate identity, but navigation will also be much more intuitive! You can choose a default menu or create perfectly tailored menus for teams and individual roles.

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What you've got to say should be heard! So let's transform your blog posts into modern and eye-catching news articles! Gain a brand new News Hub to catch up on all the news in your company and even a macro that can be used to incorporate certain blog posts / news articles into any other page or blog post. And the best thing about it? Create news sections to personalize the macro and use it to display different news to different users!

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Easy Events

Confluence is not only the hub for the collected company knowledge, but also receives an overview of upcoming company events, trainings and other activities that should not be forgotten through Easy Events. Interested colleagues can simply register for one of the events or plan their own event. Speaking of planning, let us help you organize your next event and work together on an agenda. Just add the link to the documentation in the event description.

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This page was last edited on 10/26/2023.