Linchpin Server and Data Center Pricing as of February 2021

As Atlassian announced back in October 2020, the current Confluence product range and pricing will change. They will now focus on the cloud and data center deployments. Because Confluence serves as the basis of our product, Linchpin, that prompted changes in our future planning as well.

We have decided to revise the pricing for Linchpin Server and Linchpin Data Center.

The new prices shown on this page will be valid as of February 22, 2021.

What does this mean for you?

  • App purchases, renewals, and offers made or created prior to February 22, 2021, will remain valid.
  • After February 22, 2021, new customers will pay the new prices; existing customers will receive the old prices for an additional 60 days.
  • For existing server customers, the Data Center "Preferred Pricing" will apply until the end of 2021.

Our planned price adjustments are intended to ensure the future security and support of our server products, as well as stability and performance in data center environments. Further development of Linchpin Cloud creates future potential for us all. This is why the pricing has to be revised so we can continue to deliver a product that will work in the long-term.

(lightbulb) We have also compiled some background information on this decision on our corporate blog


Here is an overview of the new prices sorted by user tiers:

Linchpin Data Center

500 User 21.600 USD 10.800 USD 21.200 USD
1000 User 28.800 USD 14.400 USD 25.900 USD
2000 User 37.800 USD 18.900 USD 31.400 USD
3000 User 44.100USD 22.050 USD 35.400 USD
4000 User 50.400 USD 25.200 USD 39.400 USD
5000 User 52.500 USD 26.250 USD 41.200 USD
10.000 User 57.500 USD 28.750 USD 44.500 USD
15.000 User 62.500 USD 31.250 USD 50.400 USD
20.000 User 67.500 USD 33.750 USD 56.300 USD
25.000 User 72.500 USD 36.250 USD 62.200 USD
30.000 User 77.500 USD 38.750 USD 66.700 USD
35.000 User 82.500 USD 41.250 USD 71.100 USD
40.000 User 87.500 USD 43.750 USD 75.600 USD
40.000+ User 92.500 USD 46.250 USD 80.000 USD

Linchpin Server

10 User 10 USD 10 USD 10 USD
25 User 3.750 USD 1.875 USD 1.875 USD
50 User 7.500 USD 3.750 USD 3.750 USD
100 User 13.500USD 6.750 USD 6.750 USD
250 User 28.500 USD 14.250 USD 14.250 USD
500 User 43.500 USD 21.750 USD 21.750 USD
2.000 User 52.500 USD 26.250 USD 26.250 USD
10.000 User 66.000 USD 33.000 USD 33.000 USD
10.000+ User 78.000 USD 39.000 USD 39.000 USD

Be sure to take advantage of the current, lower prices. Are you considering renewing your existing license early, at the old prices? Then feel free to contact your account manager or at any time. If you have questions in general about the upcoming changes, use the email address above to contact us.

Fragen & Kontakt

If you have questions in general about the upcoming changes, feel free to contact at any time.Your inquiry is a high-priority issue for us so we will get in touch with you personally, as soon as possible!

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