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Diagramming in Confluence & JIRA (Server & Cloud) is available for Confluence & JIRA, both for Server and Cloud. supports the creation of and collaboration on professional diagrams directly within Confluence pages. From mind-mapping for executive planning, modeling relationships in a business model, designing layouts for software interfaces, creating process diagrams to optimize business procedures, and mapping factory layouts for manufacturing.

Learn how to create diagrams fast and easily

On our website, we offer a self-directed tutorial with many excercises for beginners to learn how to use You can find all the material here:

Things that differentiate us from other diagramming apps

  • Fast Performance
  • Browser support
  • Customizable templates, libraries and ...
  • Open Source
  • Huge amount of different libraries
  • Visio import & export, PDF export, Gliffy mass import, Lucidchart import
  • Free app for JIRA Server

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