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Switching from Gliffy to is easy. One mouse click in the admin area is enough to migrate all your Gliffy files to Once migration is done, you can easily edit your existing diagrams (and of course create many new diagrams) in . But of course you also want to make sure that your decision for is the right one. We are happy to support you at any time to personally discuss your questions regarding a migration. Some of these questions are asked frequently, so we would like to share them with you in advance.

Are we losing our Gliffy data?

You can perform the migration at any time on a test server (Confluence Server or Data Center) or your sandbox (Confluence Cloud) without any obligation. And even after the migration on your productive instance, the Gliffy diagrams remain an attachment of the Confluence page. The migrated diagram will replace only the macro on the page. So even after the migration, you can access your Gliffy diagrams at any time.

Do we have to pay to evaluate the migration?

No, you can always test your migration 100% free of cost. Just set up a test instance (in Confluence Data Center or Server) or a sandbox (in Confluence Cloud) to run the migration. The original Gliffy diagrams remain in the Confluence page attachments and the version history. We guide you through the migration with our Migration Guide and always offer personal support if you have any questions. You buy only when the migration is complete and you are satisfied with the results. The migration is 100% risk-free for you.

Does switching over provide long term value for money?

Yes. The effort to switch to is low, and the value added is high. So provides immediate value. With, you get a wide array of features that Gliffy simply doesn't provide. Our comparison sheet can fill you in on those features. In addition, is constantly updating and adding important new features like the Board Macro so that the value gained by you is constantly growing and evolving.

Gliffy is very expensive compared to Do we get less for paying less?

No, you don't. Coming from an open source background, the price we charge is what we have considered to be a reasonable price for the use-case of diagramming in Confluence. Plus we are and will remain independent, meaning we don't have to meet any venture capital or shareholder demands. Have a look at our feature list and you will see that you even get more for less.

Conclusion: We have prepared a comparison document in which you can experience both products in direct comparison. Take a look and you will see that the only risk involved is the risk of not switching to

Is a sustainable solution within the Atlassian Marketplace?

The technology and the editor we use has been around and continuously improved since 2001, so is two decades old and has offered Atlassian apps since 2015. runs in over 52,000 Confluence instances, this is twice as many installations as active Gliffy installations. is available for all Atlassian deployments (Cloud, Data Center, and Server) and we continue to actively invest in our products. Our average update period is just two weeks. We were the first app to gain more than 1,100 reviews on the Atlassian Marketplace with an average four of four stars rating, confirming that our products not only increase the success but also the satisfaction of our customers.

Does provide more functionality than Gliffy?

Yes. supports all features that Gliffy offers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • complete and reliable version control (we even had this before Gliffy)
  • full indexing of diagram content to be able to find it via Confluence search

At the same time you will get a boat load of features that Gliffy does not provide. Have a look at our comparison sheet to see what you will gain when switching to In addition, is constantly updating and adding important new features like the Board Macro so that the value gained by you is constantly growing and evolving.

Gliffy hasn’t been well suited to the functionality and security needs of our large enterprise, can do better?

Any business can trust in Whether in regard to scalability, security, privacy, or customization needs, is here to make you succeed. Here are a few examples, why your business will profit from using

  • As an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor, we are part of every Atlassian initiative there is. This includes the Atlassian Fortified Program, the Bug Bounty program, early adaptor programs on scaling higher user tiers in Atlassian Cloud, migration from Server to Cloud, etc. We are in a continuous collaboration with our partners at Atlassian to make our products even more scalable.

  • Security is in our DNA. With you have full control over your data. But we don't see security as a privilege of large instances. Every user gets the same level of security...the maximum possible. Of course, enterprise users have especially high demands regarding security and privacy. You may be surprised, how much we suit your requirements.

  • In the last months, we launched collaborative editing in AND a whiteboard macro. The capacity for collaboration and extended use-cases is of value for all of our users, but extremely valuable for our enterprise users. 

  • The options to customize to your needs are endless. Need your own extensive shape libraries? No problem! You want your own templates? Sure, you can even add them to the start screen. You want to have your own color schemes and offer your users a customized default editor? You can also do that with

Bottom line: can and will serve all businesses around the globe.

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