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Hello, we are for Confluence is a joint venture between JGraph and //SEIBERT/MEDIAJGraph has been licensing web diagramming technology to world's largest companies since 2005. //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH is one of Atlassian's biggest partners worldwide with over 140 employees across Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA with over 14M Euros revenue. has been available through the Atlassian Marketplace since 2012. Launched as a free app, within 12 months it became the highest user-rated app in the entire Atlassian ecosystem, and continues to be just as popular today.

Diagramming in Confluence and Jira supports the creation of and collaboration on professional diagrams directly within Confluence pages. Diagrams are better than text for many reasons, with the two main being:

  • Complex information is more comprehensible in diagram format
  • We remember visual information more easily than words

From mind-mapping, modeling business relationships and processes, designing mockups or documenting code, mapping factory layouts or even creating infographics: offers a powerful and easy-to-use solution that everyone in an organization can take advantage of both for development of ideas and the presentation of information in a concise, memorable and understandable way. All diagrams can be collaboratively developed and adapted at any time. Plus with the revision history, your diagrams are audit-proof and traceable.

Seamlessly integrated

Confluence and Jira allow you to embed diagrams in context - users will find diagrams where they expect to find them. To provide the best results, the built-in search function doesn't just index filenames of diagrams, or the title and content of the page containing the diagram, but also the text contained within a diagram.

There is a rich ecosystem of integrations with a wide range of platforms and tools which makes one of the most flexible diagramming tools for companies, especially when they need to collaborate with external parties.


Collaborative development completely within an intranet like Confluence, of both documentation and diagrams, significantly reduces email overload, increases transparency and visibility, and provides clear feedback channels. Ideally, you want to be able to track who has edited a diagram and what changes they have made, just like you can track such collaboration on pages within Confluence.

With in Confluence Server, Data Center and Cloud users can comment on diagrams, similar to how they can use inline comments in Confluence. 

On for Confluence Server, when multiple people are working on diagrams, their changes are merged (and not overwritten) when they save the diagram to make sure that changes are not lost. 

Secure and private

When you work on a diagram, the data is stored on your local device in your browser. The servers also never see the data when you save your diagram – you will save it to the platform you are using – Atlassian Confluence or Jira

Highly customizable

Create custom shape libraries and share them with your colleagues to make collaboration even easier.

Sick of having to modify and tweak diagrams to get them looking just right? Do your diagrams need to match your corporate style? Customize the UI to set the styles, colors, fonts, custom shape libraries, plugins and more you regularly use as the default. You'll be amazed at how much time (and stress) it will save!

Full revision control

Businesses who represent their processes in diagrams need comprehensive revision tracking in order to comply with audits. for Confluence makes this easy – your diagrams are fully versioned along with your page content – simply look at the page history.

Import and export

If you want to make a diagram available as a printable, downloadable page, you must be able to export it as a PDF. Allowing diagrams to be imported from and exported to a range of diagram formats makes it easier to collaborate with other organizations who are using a different tool.

You can export to and import from a wide range of diagram and image formats. Plus you can migrate all the Gliffy diagrams in an entire Confluence instance or a single space to with just a couple of steps using the mass migrate tool.

Has wide range of templates and shapes offers a great range of templates and shapes to let everyone create the diagram they want: Flowcharts, engineering and electrical diagrams, wireframes and mockups, business process diagrams, floor plans, infographics, UML diagrams, Venn diagrams, charts, business and management diagrams … There are so many templates you can use!

You can also create your own custom library of shapes and share them with your colleagues.

Is actively developed

The team is certainly active, releasing new features and bug-fixes regularly, interacting with users at popular events like Atlassian Summit, both in the US and Europe, and is very active on Twitter and Facebook.

You can propose and vote on new features, report bugs and follow development on the Trello boards

In the last 12 months at, our top updates were:

  1. Data Center approved
  2. Mass Gliffy import optimized based on hundreds of customer test cases, per space Gliffy import

  3. New shapes, shape libraries and templates (infographics, Google, Allied Telesys, ... )
  4. Custom diagram titles
  5. The majority of features now available in Confluence Cloud
  6. Google Drive Connector for Confluence
  7. UI customization to speed up diagramming with your custom default styles, libraries, plugins and CSS on both Confluence Server and Cloud
  8. Comments on diagrams
  9. Multi-user edits merged on save

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