The Linchpin User Profiles app for Confluence offer the ability to filter user lists, for example it can be used to create a telephone list or a list of team members.

This is how it works

The Linchpin User Profiles app includes a variety of macros. One of these is the Custom User List macro. This is useful when you want to create a user list without manually entering each entry.

When you configure the macro, select what profile information the list will use and what restrictions it is capable of. Finally, set which profile fields should be shown next to the name and profile photo. For example in a telephone list, the supervisor of each employee is not relevant information.

You can filter lists on the contents of profile fields, for example, the expertise that an employee has and the location where he stays, to create customized expert lists.


Telephone lists

Have you been searching for a long time for an optimal solution, to quickly and easily create telephone lists in Confluence, and keep them up-to-date with a minimum of work? Then you should test the filtered user list functionality in the Linchpin User Profiles app. You can display a filtered user list on a Confluence page, which can display profile photos, telephone numbers or other profile fields next to their names. When you don't want to include the entire company in the telephone list, you can easily configure it to display a filtered list based on department, team, location, etc.

Team membership overview

Is the marketing team updating their Confluence start page? To allow other teams to see who belongs to which teams and what their roles are, the Linchpin User Profiles is ideal. You can generate a list of the marketing employees with one click, and can include extra profile fields like the employee's role as needed.

A list of experts

Do you want to provide a list of who the Confluence experts in your company are? Make it easy for employees to contact the right people, for example questions about Confluence. The user list macro from the Linchpin User Profiles app allows you to easily filter a list based on the expertise listed in a user's profile field - simply search for the expertise topic you need.

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