//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers you new licenses and support extensions as well as upgrades to a higher user tier, you will find details in the models below. Besides Jira, Atlassian also offers Jira Enterprise. Jira Enterprise is designed for customers that have a multitude of Jira users and need support, training and certification options. Read more here for details: http://seibert.biz/atlassianenterprise

High availability via Data Center licenses

Atlassian Data Center has high availability and scalability of your Atlassian applications. The Data Center model is available for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Number of UsersAnnual Costs
Number of UsersAnnual Costs
50012,000 USD
10,000240,000 USD
1,00024,000 USD
10,000 - 15,000264,000 USD
2,00048,000 USD
15,000 - 20,000288,000 USD
3,00072,000 USD
20,000 - 25,000312,000 USD
4,00096,000 USD
25,000 - 30,000336,000 USD
5,000120,000 USD
30,000 - 35,000360,000 USD
6,000144,000 USD
35,000 - 40,000384,000 USD
7,000168,000 USD
40,000 - 45,000408,000 USD
8,000192,000 USD
45,000 - 50,000432,000 USD
9,000216,000 USD
from 50,000450,000 USD

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

This is different to the Server price model: fees for Data Center are due annually.

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