Blueprints for pages, spaces and page trees in Confluence

Create blueprints for blog posts, pages and sections with predefined content and forms that you can design yourself.

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Blueprints for Confluence spaces

Set up new spaces with minimal effort. Space Blueprints allow you to create new spaces in Confluence with predefined page structures and content. Define placeholders and custom permission schemes for your users.

Blueprints for Confluence pages and blogposts

Page Blueprints provide you with an easy way to create new pages and blog posts based on predefined content. Bring more structure to your Confluence pages by adding placeholders that serve as form fields for your users!

Blueprints for Page Trees

Add placeholders that act as form fields that users must fill in first. You can customize your blueprints to create entire sets of pages at once - without any coding.

Properties: Blueprint Creator für Confluence Cloud

Create custom fields that capture and display information in forms.

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