Epic Hypothesises, Lean Business Cases or Sprint report pages are just selected examples of Confluence pages that can be automatically created on the basis of triggers with the help of Agile Hive. In the present use case of creating a SAFe page tree in Confluence that corresponds to the hierarchy of Jira issues, no automatic triggers can be used. The user has to trigger the creation of the page in the respective Jira Issue by simply filling in a field. A page is then automatically created on the basis of a template at the desired location in the page tree. The Jira issue and the page are automatically linked to one another and, depending on the template and settings, Jira field contents can be displayed directly on the Confluence page using placeholders.

This guide shows you how to create a page tree that extends from the portfolio level to the team level. First you have to do an initial configuration. We will then show you how to use it from the perspective of a user.

Initial Configuration

Step 1 - Import the Sample Space (Confluence)

We have created a Confluence sample Space with engaging pages for you which you can download here. In order to use all functions of the space, you have to install the Confluence app Aura from the marketplace.

How to import a Space   Download Sample Space   Download Aura

Step 2 - Replace Field IDs (Confluence & Jira)

After the import & the installation of Aura were successful, the IDs of the fields on the pages must be replaced, as Jira uses different IDs in every environment (unfortunately we cannot influence this).

Fields are displayed with placeholders like this: $#{customfield_10025}

The ID from the example is 10025 which needs to be replaced. To do so please navigate to Jira Administration →  Issues → Custom fields.  Click on the gear in the desired field and hover above an option. This will display a URL at the bottom of your browser which displays the ID at the end.

Replace the field ID in your page & repeat this process for all the other fields.

Example: The ID of the field Actual Business Value is 10012

Step 3 - Custom Field (Jira)

Switch to Jira and create a new Custom Field of the type "Confluence Page Search (AutoPage)" and name it Parent Page. Add this field to the following screens: 

  1. Agile Hive - Portfolio Screen
  2. Agile Hive - Large Solution Screen
  3. Agile Hive - Program Screen
  4. Agile Hive - Team Screen

Step 4 - AutoPage Configuration (Jira)

Navigate to Jira Administration → Manage Apps → AutoPage Settings and create a rule for each SAFe layer with the following configuration:

Portfolio Item

Solution Item

Program Item

Team Item

User Guide

The page templates for the Jira issues differ depending on the SAFe level. This has been set up by the administrator.

When creating or editing an issue, the user can set the 'Parent Page' field. The field is a cascading dropdown:

  • First, the Confluence space must be selected (example: Epic Rooms)
  • In the second dropdown, the father page must then be selected under which the page for the current issue should be created (example: PORTFOLIO-33 - Portfolio Epic)

After the issue was created or updated, the Confluence page was also created and linked to the Jira issue. 

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