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Release Notes

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Version 3.22.0


  • Fixed broken navigation links
  • In places where Story Points are shown, rounded multiple digits after the decimal point to one digit

Version 3.21.0


  • New navigation for the most commonly used Agile Hive views and boards


  • Improved performance for the Breakout Board on Team level
  • Reloading a page now keeps the selected Program Increment

Version 3.20.0


  • JQL search for Program Increment failed due to a mismatch between the index and the options in the database
  • Sprint on the Breakout Board is now editable as long as the sprint is not closed
  • Feature completion on the Program Board now considers iteration dates instead of sprint dates
  • Projects without Boards will no longer break the reports but will just show empty report
  • If multiple features share an external dependency, this issue will no longer be displayed multiple times

Version 3.19.0

New Features

Breakout Board

  • Feature Filter: Filter the Breakout Board view to only show issues that belong to a selected ART issue


  • Performance upgrade for Breakout Boards
  • In some circumstances a team board with Custom Epic Panel enabled could not be loaded, because issues were not visible to the user

Version 3.18.0


  • Previously deleted status will no longer break reports calculation, which could led to EAP migration failures as well
  • Renamed the "Program" tab in the Breakout Board sidebar to "ART"
  • ART tab in Breakout Board sidebar now displays all open issues from the related ART project

Version 3.17.0

New Features

Program Board

  • External dependencies: Issues that do not belong to an ART have a dependency with an issue of the ART are now displayed


  • Auto Plan Parent: If a team issue is scheduled whose father has not yet been scheduled, the father issue is now automatically scheduled as well



  • The "Overall Portfolio-Epic Progress" was not calculated correctly and always 0%


  • Due to different start and end dates of sprints within an iteration, the colors of the dependencies were sometimes displayed incorrectly
  • Planned features that were removed from the board were not displayed correctly in the Unplanned Issues sidebar as long as the full text search was active


  • Rules & their child rules are now aleays executed in the correct order.
  • The execution of rules via post functions in combination with the function "Execute as user" were not applied correctly. The rule was still executed under the currently logged-in user.

Version 3.15.0


Breakout Board

  • Issues that have been in a previous sprint will now be shown in the Breakout Board Backlog
  • After resetting the Breakout Board Backlog search field, a new search can be started with the previously entered search string

EAP Migration Wizard

  • Deleted boards will no longer prevent EAP Programs to be migrated to an Agile Hive Program

Version 3.14.0

New Features

  • Breakout Boards
    • Quick filters: issues in the Breakout-Board can now be filtered
    • New fulltext search: search for unplanned issues more effectively
    • Optimized loading of issues in the sidebar
    • By default the swimlanes of other teams are minimized
  • General
    • New project template for Kanban Teams
    • Huge performance boost for Portfolio, Large Solution and Program reports
    • Top navigation menu: projects are now sorted alphabetically


  • Non-Program issues won't show up as Feature lanes in the Breakout Board (happened after move operations)
  • Clicking the "Create PI" Button multiple times won't create the PI over and over again
  • PIs can still be edited, even when their Sprints have been deleted in the meantime

Known Problems

  • The Program-Search in the Breakout-Board sometimes does not update correctly.

(warning) Note: The Installation of the app might take longer than expected (up to 3 minutes), because upon installation an initial dataset for the optimized reports is pre-calculated.

Version 3.13.0

New Features

  • Issues in the Breakout Board Backlog now have a lozenge which shows their related feature. The lozenge allows jumping to this feature's swimlane on the team's Breakout Board to easily drag and drop related issues on the board.
  • A feature's swimlane displays a new icon, which shows other teams working on the same feature. Clicking on a team's name jumps to the related feature swimlane in this team.


  • Project Hierarchies Webservice now rejects invalid hierarchy configurations.
  • A faulty date comparison on the last day of the current Sprint prevented issues on the Breakout Board to be editable (drag, drop, remove)

Version 3.12.0


  • The width of the Sprints in Team Reports is now responsive to show more content on bigger screens

  • Jira Footer in Agile Hive views was removed to prevent two scroll bars and show more content

  • Some UI improvements in the Breakout Board

  • UI improvements in Dependencies dialog

  • "Move to top of Backlog" on already done issues has been renamed to "Remove from board"

Bug fix

  • Agile Hive Link validation failed on some boards

  • ART and Large Solution Reports failed to load when issues were linked that belonged to projects outside of the hive

  • Values from select fields could be removed on some instances, which would lead to errors in the program execution

  • NullPointerException on saving in Team Member widget in the Report view was prevented, when a user had been removed from Jira

Version 3.11.0

New Features

  • Access the team's backlog from the Breakout Board and plan your Sprints by dragging and dropping items from the backlog onto the board
  • View and manage all dependencies for issues on the Breakout Board with a single click


  • Fixed issue with Team Members Widget when users have been deleted or removed from Jira
  • On some systems, the dropdown component for PI selection could be cleared which resulted in errors
  • We added issue keys to the issues in the Breakout Board view and "In Progress" status is displayed now as well
  • Improved usability of drag and drop interaction in the Breakout Board

Version 3.10.0

New Features

  • Remove issues from the Breakout Board an put them back on top of your backlog
  • Sprint names created from Agile Hive during PI creation can now easily be associated to teams


  • Program Backlog on Breakout Board is now sorted by Rank instead of WSJF
  • Large Solution Reports now sum up data from PIs which have been started during the same day correctly
  • Date pickers in the PI creation dialog now allow dates in the past again
  • Shorten long issue titles on Report and Breakout Board views
  • The Custom Epic Panel Plugin now handles multi byte characters which led to boards not showing
  • "Agile Hive Report" menu has been renamed to "Agile Hive"
  • Fixed Javascript error while creating new issues from a Kanban board
  • Removed possibly wrong workflow and issue type preview pictures during project creation

Version 3.9.0

New Features

  • Drag and Drop issues in the Breakout Board view
    • Plan the contents of your Sprints in the Breakout Board
    • Change an issue's Sprint or Agile Hive Parent by simply dragging and dropping that issue around on the team's Breakout Board


  • Compatibility for Jira 8.14

Bug fix

  • Iterations-Header on Program- and Breakout Board will no longer cover the navigation's dropdown

Version 3.7.0

Bug fixes

  • EAP Migration Wizard: When the "Migrate now" Button was clicked multiple times, the Migration Wizard could create more PIs than expected by migrating everything multiple times.
  • EAP Migration Wizard: When the planned Start- or End-Dates of Sprints were not perfectly aligned, multiple Iterations were created and every Team's Sprints were placed in it's own Iteration

Version 3.6.0

New Features

  • Scheduled features can be removed from teams


  • Subtasks are no longer shown in the Agile Hive views
  • Within the Create Screen: Changing the issue type no longer deletes the PI or Sprint information

Bug fix

  • 400 error when opening the breakout board from the program level

Version 3.5.0

New Features

  • During the Breakout Session teams can now assign Features to them with the new Drag and Drop function from the Program Backlog and start breaking them down immediately
  • In order for this feature to work, the admin will have to add the new custom field "Teams involved" to the Program issue screen
  • The Agile Hive custom fields "Program Increment" and "Teams involved" are now supported in the JQL Search

Bug fixes

  • The Easy Agile Programs Migration will no longer fail, when sprints created by Easy Agile Programs have been deleted
  • Cost of Delay can now be calculated when one of User business value, Time criticallity or RROE are 0

UI Improvements

  • Better visualized team name on the Agile Hive views

Version 3.3.0

New Features


  • Edit future Program Increments

Breakout Board

  • Features can now be broken down into stories directly in the breakout board

Portfolio Report

  • The Portfolio Overview table has been expanded with the following three columns:
    • 1. Epic Owner
    • 2. WSJF
    • 3. Status


  • Agile Hive is now compatible with Jira 8.13

Version 3.1.1

Bug fixes

  • This release fixes a bug where no new projects could be created when one of the original Jira statuses (Open, In Progress, Reopened, Resolved or Closed) had been renamed prior to the app's installation.
  • Agile Hive workflows were not created due to missing statuses, so project creation failed with an error message. Agile Hive now ensures that all needed statuses are created instead on relying on them being present on the Jira system.
  • The plugin has to be deactivated and reactivated after upgrading for the workflows to be created.

Version 3.1.0

All new PI Planning

  • Migration Wizard
    • Easy Agile Programs is no longer needed (the costs of Agile Hive are therefore lowered up to 50%)
    • Migrate easily from Easy Agile Programs to Agile Hive 3
  • Breakout Board
    • View all sprints of all teams of the desired PI
    • Manage capacities & visualize dependencies
    • Features and other ART issues are displayed as swimlanes
  • Program Board
    • Automatically generated view - no maintenance needed
    • View when ART issues will be delivered during a PI
    • Visualized dependencies
  • Program Increments
    • Create PIs for each of your ARTs
    • Sprints are being created automatically for all teams in your ART
    • New PI custom field for Teams & ARTs
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