So you just bought an upgrade for your Atlassian instance. What now?

Software is only purchased when it is really necessary. This also applies to Atlassian software. Purchased software is upgraded only once a company uses it beyond what was initially planned.

Increasing user acceptance

It’s clear that you were able to successfully convince a number of your colleagues. An increase of user accounts, however, does not necessarily mean more active users. Nevertheless, you want as many new (and existing) users as possible to really use your software. Fight against "file zombies" and make sure everyone gets involved. These our are ideas:

Our suggestionYour advantagesNext step

Atlassian workshops and trainings - offers and costs This comprehensive overview shows the range of personal on-site services provided by our experienced Atlassian consultants. Please plan some time for implementation.

Quick understanding, simple persuasion, handling personal objections

Contact us and ask about the availability of our consultants. We will be happy to create an offer just for you.

Participating in Atlassian events by //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Personal exchange with other users

Atlassian Enterprise Club - take advantage of the exchange

Exchange with other users (digital & face-to-face)

Qualified? Join the club. Join the discussion in our Facebook group (upon acceptance)

Connecting legacy systems

Use the numerous Atlassian software interfaces to have data and information from other systems displayed where employees spend a lot of their time. Link any information you want from SAP, Lotus Notes, Navision, Oracle, Salesforce or other ERP and CRM systems to your Atlassian systems. In a small workshop and with a bit of development work, two systems can be quickly connected. Talk with us about the systems you currently use.

Get the most potential and a great software integration capabilities

Connect your existing instance to Confluence, JIRA, Stash, Bamboo and other Atlassian products, which can be quickly turned into fully integrated, interactive systems using simple "active links". For example, see how well JIRA and Confluence work together. Or see how software development combines full transparency and good coordination with the integration of Stash (Git) and Bamboo (continuous integration) in JIRA.


Proposals by products


Overview of all services around introducing wiki and collaboration software

Turn Confluence into a social intranet 

Have you heard of our social intranet suite - LINCHPIN -  based on Confluence?! 

ind out more about it and check whether your Confluence instance could become your "official intranet." Compare our solution with the Microsoft SharePoint intranet and find out how cheap and quick it is to find a solution.


Overview of all JIRA Introduction services

JIRA should be used in the entire company and not just one department

JIRA is ideally suited as a Central Task Management for your company. Is it already used by all departments (even the non-technical departments)? Can we assist you in any way? Are you familiar with the JIRA Service DeskWe have gathered information, knowledge and tips about this helpdesk extension for you.




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