The theme archetype will not be supported anymore starting with Confluence 5.10.8. Beginning with Confluence 5.10.6 we encourage you to use the Linchpin Theme or Linchpin Theme Plugin - Enterprise.

Benefits of using our mobile archetype

  • The neutral and professional theme is suitable for every customer and every Confluence instance.
  • The mobile theme has a simple structure that is easy to use and operate.
  • The mobile archetype by //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers additional functions that go beyond the Atlassian standard solution.
  • The archetype is extendable. Personalized changes can be made to accommodate corporate design so the mobile theme is visually integrated into the tool environment.

General functions 

  • Our mobile Confluence version makes it easy to access page contents, the activity stream, blogs and personal networks from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Furthermore, the frequently used favorites feature is integrated. Personal "favorites" are displayed on a separate page that can be accessed via the fold-out side bar.

Linchpin Mobile

Check out our new Linchpin Mobile App for Confluence!

Neutral basic layout or custom theme? 

Both solutions have their benefits and use cases. Do you want to start with a theme in the archetype layout to quickly test how your Confluence users accept the mobile theme in preparation for a potential future rollout? Or do you want to create the foundation for strong acceptance of the Confluence mobile version among your users by starting off with a full-fledged, custom mobile theme?

Neutral basic layout (archetype) 

  • The neutral colors are suitable for every customer, whether their corporate design is classic or modern.
  • The implementation can be delivered to you on short notice.
 dashboardsidebarfavorites pagedetail page     
basic theme


Custom theme

  • The theme can be personalized to meet your needs.
  • In the first step of customization, we match the colors and fonts to your company’s corporate design.
  • Further changes, customization, and optimization are of course available as well.

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