Event creation wizard explained

Here you can find some additional information about event creation. Take a look at the table to understand what each individual detail means.

Detailed event creation overview

Event data / Event optionDescription
Event name / Event title

The name of your event. It will be displayed in event lists, event calendars and inside event cards (tile view).

Start date, end date

The date and time of your event. Start date defines when your event starts. End date defines when your event ends.

information (i) Hint: Your event can last for several days.

Format: YYYY-MM-DD, HH:MM (e.g. 2019-09-25, 08:30 – 2019-09-27, 10:30)


The location of your event.

If you would like to provide additional information (e.g. a map or directions), please add such information to the event page, outside of the macro.


Choose a Confluence space for your event. Your event will only be visible to users with read permissions in said space.

information (i) Hint: You can still insert this event into any page in any space.


Choose a cover image for your event. Click "Upload" to choose an image from your computer. Select the desired image section and click "Apply".

Since version 3.0.0 it is possible to use images from the unsplash.com online database. Click on "Search". Linchpin Events suggests 3 images for your event, which can be changed by entering/refining a search term below the thumbnails.

information (i) Hint: Please note that this feature must be activated by an administrator.

DescriptionProvide additional information here. What is your event about? Who is the target group?
Visible forBy default (empty input field) all events are visible for all users. You can choose one or multiple spaces to limit the visibility of your event to users who have access to this/these space(s).
Editable forBy default (empty input field) all admins and the event creator have edit rights. You can can multiple users / groups as event editors. Editors are able to edit and delete the event.
Event pageHere you can provide a link to another Confluence page with more detailed information about the event. This field is not necessary.
CategoriesCategories allow users to narrow down their search. You can choose an available category from a dropdown list after you click on the input field. Those categories are provided by your system administrator.
CreatorShow/hide the event creator in your event card. By default this creator is visible.
Max. number of participantsDefines how many users will be able to participate in the event. For unlimited number of participants, enter "0" or leave the field blank.
Hide participant list

If you check this box, users won't be able to view the participants of an event.

Hide number of participants

If you check this box, users won't be able to see how many participants an event has.

Allow sign up

If activated, users will be able to sign up for the event.

If deactivated, users won't be able to sign up for the event.

Users are allowed to sign up / sign out themselves and other usersIf activated, users will be able to sign up / sign out themselves and other users and guests.
Users are only allowed to sign up / sign out themselvesIf activated, users will be able to sign up / sign out only themselves.

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