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Delete a micropost

As a regular user, you can delete your own microposts.

To do this, click on the  button when viewing a post, then click on the Remove button.


Confluence admins and space admins can also delete other users' microposts.

Only the last post of a conversation can be deleted at any given time. The idea behind this rule is to prevent anyone from distorting the meaning of a post by changing its context.

If you want to remove a whole thread, you'll have to do so one post/comment at a time.

Copy a direct link to a Microblog post

You can copy a direct link to a specific post. When someone clicks on the direct link, a page with this specific Microblog thread will load.

To copy the link, click on the  button, then click on the Copy link button.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.