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Create profile fields and profile categories

Profile categories

Profile categories are headlines inside the profile. Use categories to group similar profile fields.

To create a new profile category, click the Create a new profile category button underneath the Profile area headline.

A creation mask will open. In the Category field, enter the name of the category.

In the Group restrictions field you can restrict this profile category to certain users only. Enter a group name to limit the access to this category. Leave this field empty, so that all users can have and edit profile fields in this category.

Click on the Save button to save your changes.

Profile fields

Navigate to the profile category of your choice. Then, click on the Create new profile field button.

An editor will open. 

Basic data

Field label

Enter the name of the profile field here.

This is the name your users see in their profiles.

Help text

If you enter any text here, it will appear as a help icon for all users who edit their profiles. Use this field to guide your users.

Only plain text is allowed here (no HTML etc.).


Select the correct category for your profile field. The correct category may be preselected already. Categories act as heading.

Field type

Select the correct field type. Many field types exist. They range from default text areas to date selects or imported LDAP data.

Depending on the field type, users will be able to enter different information into the profile field. In some cases, like with the field type "dependent field", the field value is fix and can not be changed by users.

For a complete list of field types, please follow this link.

Please note that the configuration screen can include more options than described here. Some field types carry additional configuration. More information under the link above.

Field options

In profile

Select the Show radio button to display the profile field in the user's profile. 

Select the Hide radio button to hide the profile field in the user's profile.

In vCard

Select the Show radio button to display the profile field in the vCard macro.

Select the Hide radio button to hide the profile field in the vCard macro.

This applies only to the vCard in "information mode".


Activate the Required checkbox to make a profile field mandatory. This can be useful when the personalization depends on this field or the field is important in some other way.

Required profile fields will be shown inside the Profile Completion Assistant (2.21 and older), if you choose to activate it.

Organize profile fields

Organize profile fields inside profile categories

To organize the profile fields, use drag & drop.

Click and hold the cross button next to the field you wish to move. Then drag it to the correct position.

The fields (instant messenger), (phone number) and confluence.mail (e-mail address) have a fix position at the very top of the profile. You can remove the instant messenger and phone fields from the area, but you can not replace them with other fields.

There is one free spot for a profile field of your choice at the very top of the menu. This field will always be displayed directly below the user's full name.

Organize the whole layout of a profile

Navigate to the Layout tab. 

Here you can change the layout of the whole profile. Re-arrange the profile categories via drag & drop. The contact area is in a fixed position at the very top of the profile.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.