Content Responsibility

In Confluence and Confluence-based intranets most of the content is created, updated, and extended by multiple persons. But sometimes there is the question: Who is responsible for these information? Who checks if the information is correct? Who can I ask for additional information on the topic? This can shown with the Content Responsibility macro.

The Content Responsibility macro is a flexible solution that integrates nicely with the page layout. Users know at first glance, who to talk to for further questions. On the other hand people never loose the general view for which content they are responsible -  thanks to the integration in the users profiles.

Content Responsibility Macro

To add a responsibility for a content insert the Content Responsibility macro into the page or blog post. In the macro you can select a number of responsible people and an additional profile field to show. To integrate best with the page layout you can set the macro width in px.

Please note that the responsibilities are only updated when the page is saved. This causes the macro preview to show the stored information and not the information you just entered in the macro settings. So if you first add the Content Responsibility macro to a page, the preview will be empty unless you save the page.

Review responsibilities in profile

To keep track of the content people are responsible for, there is a list added to the users profiles. You can navigate to the profile of yourself or another user and select the Responsibilities tab. There you see a list of all pages and blog posts this user was assigned to with the Content Responsibility macro. To further explore the list, it can be easily searched using the search field right above.

Enable list of responsibilities in profile

To protect users privacy the list of responsibilities int the profile is deactivated by default. If you want to show it to all users, you can enable it in the Confluence administration. Got to the section Responsibilities. There you can enable the list in the profile by enabling the checkbox and clicking the Save-button.

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