Upload Profile Picture

After uploading a profile picture you can crop it

Your administrator can choose between different sources for your profile picture. If the option "Upload Profile Picture" is set, you are able to upload your own avatar and profile picture. Just select the image area that will be used as your representation inside your confluence.

Importing Profile Pictures

The Linchpin User Profiles App can import profile pictures directly from your LDAP directory or from a custom URL.

Picture Mode

As a Confluence administrator go to the Profile Editor screen in the administration area and switch to the Special fields tab. Use the radio buttons to select the mode for the profile pictures.


This will allow users to upload their profile images to Confluence.

LDAP field

The LDAP field option will import the profile pictures from a directory service. If you select the LDAP option,  enter an LDAP attribute for the users' profile picture (You can use JPEG- or PNG-Pictures) in the text box below (Example: jpegPhoto).


Use this option if you like to import profile pictures from a web-server. If you select URL you can enter a URL pointing to the users' profile picture in the text field below. You can use any LDAP fields you have created in the Profile editor in curly brackets as variables (Example: http://example.com/{cup.department-1}/user/{cup.surname-2}.png).

To import the profile pictures to the avatars the LDAP Sync Job needs to be run! To do this go to the "Scheduled Jobs" section of the Confluence administration. There you need to run LUP: Bulk profile update (LDAP sync). Be careful if you run this on large instances, since a full LDAP synchronization can have a large performance impact while running.

Set image limitations

You can also set the maximum storage size of the profile picture. This can be necessary for privacy reasons or disk space issues. 

Further you can set the maximum image dimensions in px.

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