Short Presentations

  • Top-rated, top seller, attractive pricing
  • Easy to use and powerful, rich features, robust import and export (including mass-import of Gliffy diagrams to help migration)
  • Customizable UI to speed up diagramming in your teams
  • Huge range of templates and shapes, including for infographics, UML diagrams, business processes, mockups, wireframes, flowcharts, network and infrastructure diagrams, business charts, mindmaps, org charts and many more.



  • The only fully-fledged, enterprise intranet capable of beating Sharepoint and similar products
  • Highly personalizable, not just customizable
  • Linchpin Mobile apps for collaboration on the go, also personalized and customizable with your corporate design
  • Linchpin Touch for a kiosk-style display of news or other intranet information, on the factory floor, in retail spaces, cafeterias or entrance halls
  • Space Privacy gives you siloed spaces to work with your customers, external partners, and suppliers in protect spaces


Power Scripts

The Swiss army knife for every Jira admin
Power Scripts™ provides virtually unlimited scripting and automation capabilities to automate your most complex tasks in Jira.



  • Document processes for how-tos, onboarding, IT, HR and accounting services quickly and easily
  • Automatically capture steps as you go through the process
  • Avoid the hassle of using multiple tools and save your guides directly to Confluence

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