We have developed these Jira apps ourselves. You can see the use cases for these apps via the overview of Jira use cases.

Agile Hive

Use SAFe and agile methods with large software projects with over 10, 20, 100 teams.


Create a wide variety of diagrams quickly and easily in Jira.

Issue Manager

Create, edit and search Jira Issues directly from within Confluence.

ICS - Issue Calendar Sync

Automatically integrate Jira issues into your personal calendar.


Easily print Jira issues.

Knowledge Base Custom Field for Service Desk

Link support issues with the customer portal's knowledge base

Project Archiver

The easiest way to get around in Jira - Track activities and archive your projects in bulk.

Project Role Inspector

View all project roles for all Jira projects quickly, no configuration necessary.


Create, link & update Confluence pages, page trees & the page content automatically through Jira.

Templating.app - Easy Issue & Subtasks

Create multiple epics, issue and subtasks based on custom templates.


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