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Why do I need beautiful & functional dashboards?

Save time with quality navigation

An intranet without intuitive navigation, in which important information is difficult to find, can not only slow down daily work, but can also be detrimental to the success of the company in the long term. An optimally designed intranet should therefore not just be an information warehouse, but a dynamic tool that promotes productivity and ensures the success of the company.

Essential features of an effective intranet include:

- User-friendly menu navigation for quick access to information.

- Customizable filters that display only relevant content.

- Efficient search functions to save time.

 This makes your intranet the key to productivity and success.

Quickly find information

By navigating the intranet, we open up paths to knowledge.

According to experts, an intuitive design promotes user acceptance (#Usability) - clear structures increase the efficiency of our network.

Navigate to your success

An effective intranet helps optimize work processes and creates a foundation for continued success.

By using our navigation, you enable all employees to find information with just a few clicks, increase their satisfaction and at the same time promote the preservation and dissemination of knowledge.

Intuitive navigation supports the efficient exchange of information and promotes:

- The rapid development and discovery of ideas

- Strengthening collaboration and mutual appreciation.

- A targeted focus on common goals

Find out how we created these pretty dashboards underneath using a differen combination of the following macros:
Linchpin Teasers, Cover Stories, Event List, Microblog Timeline, Personal News Feed, Corperate News Feed, Spaces, People Search & List, Apps

Check out the overview of all Linchpin supported macros here!

How do I set up the dashboard?

Navigate to Personalized Content and then choose the content groups tab.

To display the dashboard, we have created a content group with the name "dashboard". In the branch we have chosen Washington and the Department Management.

Our examples below are named Washington II, III and IV.

Check out how to perpare content for personalization here!

Check out more about how to create content groups here!

Our dashboards "Washington, Washington II, Washington III, Washington IV" are all within a space that we called "Dashboards".

Check out how to create spaces here!

Dashboard "Being at the Corporate and Personal Pulse"

This dashboard displays the latest company news, upcoming corporate parties, latest office news, personal upcoming events and personal news.

It uses a combination of the following macros: Linchpin Teasers, Cover Stories, Event List, Microblog Timeline and Personal News Feed.

Dashboard "My Personal Corner"

This dashboard displays the latest company news, a personal corner which features your events, a sweat-it-out-news which displays corporate fitness news, your personal news and a list of your favorite spaces. Moreover, it displays upcoming company events, upcoming birthdays in the company, most important apps, the latest office news and emegency phone contacts.

This dashboard is a combination of the following macros:

Cover Stories, Aura Tab Group with Event List, Corperate News Feed, Personal News Feed & Spaces; Event List, People Search & List, Apps , Microblog Timeline and another People Search & List,.

Dashboard "Minimal and personal"

This dashboard displays upcoming personal events, latest company news, personal news, most important apps, Confluence and Jira experts, and upcoming birthdays in the  next 30 days in the company.

It is a combination of the following macros:

Event List, Cover Stories, Personal News Feed as well as a layout box with Apps and two variations of People Search & List.

This page was last edited on 02/10/2024.