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We have run many intensive interactive webinars for our customers and interested people. Have you already seen one of the previous webinars? Do you like our interactive format? Would you like to introduce yourself and your offer to our audience? Then contact us to be our personal guest and let us know your preferred topic.

We believe that people who work in teams and with software achieve great success and want to share their experiences with others. If your topic has something to do with collaboration, modern company structure, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), software-usage or software-development, we'd most probably like to have you in our webinar-series.

If your topic fits with our audience, we ask you to prepare content for 10 to 20 minutes. Your webinar can be done as slides with audio, a software demonstration with screen-sharing, or a live video presentation. To participate you can either visit us in Wiesbaden or join us virtually.

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What makes a good webinar?

Together with you, we want to offer webinars that our audience loves. That's why interaction is so important to us. The following questions can help you in describing your webinar in the application form:

  • Who is the webinar's target group? The more exact and narrow the group definition is, the better the participants are. Of course there will also be fewer participants, but a good target group description is valuable.
  • Which of the target group's problems will be tackled or even solved with your webinar topic?
  • What will participants be able to do, or do better, after the webinar?
  • What can participants do directly after the webinar? Which direct next steps will you explain to our audience, steps that they can implement themselves?

7 reasons for a webinar with //SEIBERT/MEDIA!

Get attention and recognition for your topic

Nothing is worse than a really cool and convincing project, that no one sees or is aware of. We give you a stage to present your project and to show others (internally and externally), how cool the result is.

Market your performance and results

If you believe the hype, colleagues and others will just find out about your project and see its ingenuity and quality. But this rarely happens. It is better to actively market your solution, making it easy for others to see what you have achieved. We help you with this.

Distribute your ideas and thoughts to a niche target group

Our customers include some of Germany's biggest companies and many 'hidden champions'. We don't broadcast to thousands of contacts, but instead, we have a dedicated audience of innovators and enthusiasts in corporate-communication and from many technical departments. If this sounds interesting to you, you'll enjoy presenting in our webinar-series.

Find like-minded people

It's not that easy for our audience to network with others in similar positions. Who might be as technically advanced as your company? Who has already implemented the ideas you have? Who suffers from a similar resistance or has solved some of the problems you are currently facing?

Some of our customers have long searched for a network where they can contribute and learn from others. Introduce your topic, problem, or solution in one of our webinars, and it will spark many interesting conversations.

Win new customers

Our webinars are not promotional events. But we deliberately and gladly invite providers, who complement our solutions or are even our direct competitors, to show our customers diverse application scenarios and alternatives. Please get in touch if you have such a topic and would like to present it together with us. Upon request, we can also provide you with a list of webinar participants so you can stay in contact.

Use our extensive reach

Our weblog has approximately 30,000 visitors and 50,000 minutes of our videos are watched each month. We send a newsletter every two weeks to over 7,500 recipients and reach many people via our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms. Each webinar is publicized through those channels before, during, and after the presentation. You can use this reach for your topic.

Participate for free, but please prepare well

The participation in our webinars is always free. However, we expect you to come well prepared and to not turn the session into pure advertising, but use it to have valuable conversations with our audience. An interactive format needs spontaneous and competent guest-presenters. We look forward to having you in our webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come to Wiesbaden personally?

No, this is not mandatory. Of course, it's more natural and comfortable when we are in the same room and our audience can see us interacting. But if this is not feasible, or you don't want to travel so far, a remote-presentation is possible.

What's the process, if I come to Wiesbaden?

We ask our guests to arrive at our office approximately 1 hour before the webinar, so that we can run through our preparation one last time with you and check that the technical side of things is working.

Which equipment do I need to take part remotely?

You need a modern computer with sound, a microphone and video-camera and stable internet connection (preferably a cable connection). When it comes to hardware, every reasonably modern notebook is able to meet these requirements. But please do us, the viewers, and yourself the favor and connect your device to broadband internet connection, so that the connection is stable. Wireless and mobile networks are usually fast enough, but in reality are often bound to cut out and to have disruptions, which is really annoying and looks unprofessional.

How does the technical part work?

In principle, you should connect to our webinar platform to your computer and activate the sound, a microphone, and camera. If you want to demonstrate something on your computer, you have to install an additional component on your computer in order to share your screen. Please submit your files, slides, and videos beforehand, so that we can store them on the webinar-platform.

You don't really have to think deeply about this. Just make an appointment with Martin Seibert via and he will test your system to make sure you meet the technical requirements and show you how you can share presentations and lead discussions.

Who else is present at the webinar? How does it work?

Webinars are generally moderated and organized by Martin Seibert and Matthias Rauer. They will assist you and provide discussion within the webinar. Additionally, our participants can ask questions and make comments via a public chat channel. These comments could be moderated, but we generally won't do that. If someone becomes disruptive, we can ban them. However, participants are mostly a driving force and bring new and great aspects to discussions. And then, of course, there is you. You, Matthias and Martin have the possibility to speak at any given time and to control what viewers can see and hear. Participants only get to speak for limited times, if at all, and can typically not present anything themselves.

How do I prepare for the webinar?

We want our webinars to be exciting and informative for the participants. Usefulness our primary goal. That's why it is important to us, that you only present as much as is really necessary. We then have more valuable time to interact and discuss with the participants. Of course, a discussion with the participants doesn't happen all by itself. Therefore, it is useful if you present your topic and propose to the participants, what they can do with the given information. You can ask questions. We can do live polls. We can show videos. You can share your or our screen and display documents or websites. Of course, they can also hear and see us in the video. We can use a whiteboard.

Usually, we prepare a handout that we give to all participants in the webinar. In this handout are all relevant links, a description of the webinar, slides and presented documents.

You should answer the questions in the "What makes a good webinar" section thoroughly. Make sure the answers to the following questions are clear:

  • What can the participants do with the information right now?
  • What do the participants gain from this webinar?
  • What is the next step?
  • What can the participants do themselves?
  • When do you recommend the participants seek help?
  • What competencies should the participants have, to implement your solution?
  • Plus any other question participants might ask you.

We often provide a cheat-sheet with the answers to these questions, to make sure we address all topics that are important for the webinar. This cheat-sheet helps the participants know what to expect in the webinar. Plus, it's handy to have in case the webinar doesn't go as planned. Please be prepared for this, it will happen! (breites Grinsen)

Do I receive remuneration for guest-presenting?

We don't rule it out completely, but only provide remuneration if this was explicitly arranged beforehand. What is important to us, is a fair situation. We do a lot to make joint webinars successful and to ensure your topic gets a lot of attention. We send individual invitations by email to our customers and interested parties. We blog. We tweet. We mention the webinar in our newsletter. The number of contacts we reach is generally five figures. A large number of participants take part in our webinars.The video-recording is equally promoted and usually gets a lot of attention. Many of our guests use the webinar additionally, to invite and make their own network aware of it.

If you believe so, you should be remunerated for your participation, please contact Martin Seibert.

What else can I do?

Please help us to spread the word about our webinar-invites and invite your own contacts. This can be done by mail, Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, and of course personally or by telephone. We look forward to all new participants we make contact with through you!


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