We receive regular enquiries for presentations about company wikis

We do of course have an interest in and are happy about every single enquiry. To process your enquiry quickly and without complications, we hereby provide some tipps and background information.


In numerous presentations, workshops and talks we have collected topics and documents, that help us deliver useful and exciting talks. There is no shortage of well-prepared topics on company wikis. But the question remains, what would be most interesting for you and your audience.

What topics should be dealt with in your talk?

  • Basic knowledge and strategy 
  • Wiki-services and offers
  • Wiki-software and technics
  • Presentation of Confluence resp. Foswiki
  • Process model, analyses and preliminary studies

Further information

Further information about possible topics and detailed information can be found at Topics of Wiki Presentations and Workshops


  • Strategy WorkshopIf you don’t run your own wiki in your company yet, this workshop should be mandatory. You will learn everything you have to know about a wiki. We show where your opportunities and risks stand. It is not uncommon that customers changed the aim of their wiki introduction after participating this workshop. Don’t fall into the trap of knowing everything that is needed. If you never worked with wikis, it’s highly unlikely to be not interested in this workshop. Even many customers who already work with wikis, use this as an entry point into a more professional and intense usage.
  • Barn Building Workshop: You have decided to introduce a wiki and already installed the software. No matter what software you chose: Now you need content. And thats exactly where the Barn Raising Workshop comes in hand. With the help of templates and examples we work together on your content. Your advantage: So called “Killer-Content” for your wiki, that makes it attractive to all employees and intensifies the usage.
  • Use Case Workshop - Individual wiki solutions: Your wiki shouldn’t be wide spread? You want to map out individual case applications perfectly? Or you are just looking for a possibility to get a good solution that is quick and easy to implement at low costs?
  • Administration Workshop: In this workshop, administrators get to know the configuration of the software from the viewpoints of administrators. We will talk about all relevant setting options and train you, that you are able to handle the wiki on your own.

Further information

Please find a list of all possible Workshops here: Special Wokshop Offers and here: Atlassian Workshops and Trainings

Reasons for a wiki workshop / presentation with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

  • We talk to customers about wikis on a daily basis and present frequently. Because we run presentations, workshops, and talks nearly every week with the help of different employees, we are very experienced and know how to get people interested in wikis.
  • Orders from companies, universities, and public institutions. We already presented for big companies (for example Generali, Dekabank, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Evonik, Fresenius, …), small companies, national and international conferences (WikiSym, Mipo’10, …), universities (Aalen University), and public institutions (IHK Gießen, IHK Frankfurt, Land Hessen, …). For some of them we have video recordings, that could be interesting for you.
  • Practical experience gained from numerous wiki projects. We already run numerous wiki projects with our customers and know many obstacles that arise in reality. Therefore our talks and workshops are entertaining, practical, and interesting.

Fees and consultancy business

Basically, all our services will be charged at the hourly rate of our wiki-specialists. It might be that additional charges incurred due to preparation and follow-up work, travel and expenses, and the time on-site. For details on how to budget the workshop specific to your needs and available dates, please contact us via e-mail (sales@seibert-media.net).

If you think, that your event is so interesting for us that we possibly want to present there for free, please send us further information. We would like to ask for your understanding, that we normally cannot offer free presentations at events that are fee-based or only available to a closed group.

Furthermore we ask for the opportunity to present and introduce our own business, if the presentation should be free. Because our presentations are not for self-marketing but focus on content and the maximum benefit for the participants, a presentation of our business should be done by the organizers of the event. Please propose appropriate measures.

Please do not offer proposals, where we should pay for our own presentation. We do not accept such offers.


Documentation that we can offer to your participants

What you and your participants get for free, if you run an event with //SEIBERT/MEDIA:

  1. Reasons for a company wiki. An academic study on the reasons and advantages of company wikis: information and reasoning for your decision.
  2. Complete budget transparency: cost overview for a possible wiki project. A standard offer for orientation and our range of workshops, to plan your budget for a wiki project. You can choose for every position as you wish: big, medium, small, do it yourself, don’t do it at all.
  3. Over 50 video tutorials. Access to more then 50 demo videos including explanations and many concrete screencasts that show you how to handle a company wiki.
  4. Over 30 podcasts for your mp3-player. Access to more then 30 podcasts for your mp3-player about how to make new and existing company wikis even more popular.
  5. Printed brochures for your colleagues. Up to 10 professionally printed wiki brochures with 24 pages for your colleagues.  We are happy to send you these brochures by standard mail.
  6. Tips to avoid challenges. Academic knowledge about problems that may come along with the introduction of company wikis. Avoid obstacles. 
  7. Templates for internal presentations. Templates for internal presentation, you can use to promote your wiki project within the company.
  8. Instructions on dealing with wiki-doubters and skeptics. Persona that show how to deal with wiki-doubters and skeptics and how to particularly encourage wiki-enthusiasts.
  9. Examples for wiki designs. Documentation on the importance of company wiki design.
  10. Motivation of employees for the wiki project. Instructions and proposals how to motivate your employees for you company wiki project.
  11. A comprehensive comparison of wikis. Technical, functional, politic and usability comparisons between different company wikis.
  12. If requested: Assistance by telephone in the aftermath: free of charge and without commitment. Assistance by telephone that is free of charge and without any commitment. We will not bother you and we are not running a call-center. With us you will always talk to competent consultants without any pressure to sell.
  13. An own and secure test environment for your wiki. A test installation of one or more company wikis for you and your colleagues to try out in a secure environment.


Inquire free of charge and non-binding

Please send us an e-mail to sales@seibert-media.net, if you are interested in an event (e.g. talk, workshop, training, presentation) on-site, in our offices, at an event or via remote desktop sharing.

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