The ability to change content on the same page according to the profile configuration of a user is something that Linchpin Intranets add to the standard Confluence. The use cases for this are interesting and numerous:

  • Personalized News blocks with Cover Stories
  • Personalized Teasers on Dashboards
  • Personalized Event lists 
  • Localized footers in pages
  • Localized welcome messages
  • User based contact persons
  • Other forms of personalized text, images and banners

How you can use Linchpin Personalized Content

Prerequisite: Linchpin Personalized Content App is installed

Configure a section with personalized content

Add the Macro "Linchpin Personalized Content" to any page, or to your Dashboard. Here is an example:

Configure the Content Groups

First, create wiki pages with contents that should be displayed for different users (the content to be displayed must be enclosed in an "Excerpt" macro). Then, choose these pages here and assign profile values to be matched with those of the users. You can also use logical operators and wildcards here. Read more about that in our documentation.
Use any name for content groups to group different entries. You can then select those groups in the Linchpin Personalized Content macro. Leave it blank or input none if you do not need groups.


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