Working in a Great Environment

We could start by saying that we are "committed to incorporating the latest research findings from motivational psychology and employee motivation into our concepts." But really, we just want one thing: for you to feel comfortable and enjoy coming to work! These are the soft factors that characterize a workplace at Seibert Media.


With us, you can expect diverse projects without monotony and routine – this is ensured by the diverse industry affiliations of our customers with their very different requirements.


We have no secrets. Everything is on the table. At our company, all colleagues are aware of the company's results, project budgets, and the current status of affairs. Transparency is highly valued here!


At Seibert Media, your workplace is secure. Since 1996, we have been successful, growing organically, and avoiding any experiments that could overwhelm us.

Full of Options

Where your path takes you within our company is entirely up to you. Thinking about switching teams? Exploring a different technical direction? Working on a new product? All doors are open to you, and you'll receive support along the way.


From the beginning, you are part of an autonomous team that organizes itself and its projects using agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, hybrid forms). This means real collaboration with a lot of autonomy and decision-making freedom without deadline and scheduling stress.


We consider ourselves socially responsible for enabling individuals with children to balance their work and family life. That's why we've explored how we can support expectant parents in our company to find their own baby-work-life romance!


We share our knowledge with the world through our weblog, microblog, YouTube channel, interactive webinars, and podcasts. You're warmly invited to contribute to that.


We have no secrets. Everything is on the table. At our company, all colleagues are aware of the company's results, project budgets, and the current status of affairs. Transparency is highly valued here!


We function without hierarchies, treat each other as equals, and maintain a friendly and personal interaction.
For everyone.


We assign a pilot to new employees. They provide you with comprehensive and personal insights into the relevant processes at Seibert Media. This way, you quickly get up to speed and always know who to ask for help and who can assist you swiftly and effectively. Of course, all other colleagues are also more than happy to help.


Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine: no one dictating your next moves, free choices, extensive decision-making authority, autonomous teams, encouragement to take on responsibilities, constructive and non-political handling of mistakes... Sounds good? That's how self-determined you work here!


At our company, nobody is just a small number and forced to stay stagnant. At Seibert Media, people know each other, can contribute, and have the opportunity to grow alongside the company. You'll be supported by a team of People Developers who will help you feel comfortable in your role or assist you in transitioning into a new one.


Do you need specific software? A ticket for conference XY? Or a specialized book? For smaller acquisitions, you can quickly obtain them yourself in coordination with your team – uncomplicated and without an exhausting approval process for every pen.


With us, no one has to wonder how a colleague actually earns their money or how a project is going. The teams extensively document their projects and processes in the intranet, in JIRA, and if necessary, in the extranet.

Open to Change

A company that has existed for over 25 years in our fast-paced, complex market must constantly reinvent itself. The Seibert Media you're joining tomorrow will be quite different in a few years. That's also exciting, because we love change!


All employees have the opportunity to further their education and obtain relevant certifications during working hours. For instance, numerous colleagues have already acquired Scrum certifications through training organized by Seibert Media. You truly have time for further education, and all external training opportunities are, of course, covered by the employer. What you specifically pursue is up to you, in consultation with your team and your buddy.

Soft Factors

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This page was last edited on 08/24/2023.